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Use Your Head to Enhance Key Fob Range It Really Works

Created on: 2021-05-23

Sue shows you how holding your key fob against your head or a bottle of water helps to increase its range!

Hey everyone, Sue here at 1A Auto and today we're going to talk about key fobs and how can you get the better performance out of it?

Scientists have proven that electronic magnetic waves travel through water, right? Well, key fobs are good for 150 yards, maybe at the most, some are only 25 feet to actually make the car work for the alarm system, door locks, unlock etc. Well, I learned years ago and it is true and it works and I'm here to show you in this video how it works, is if you take a key fob and hold it to your head, press the button, you can actually unlock or lock your car at a further distance or use the remote start. Let's check it out.

So here we have a car, 36 feet away and of course, the key fob's going to work, right? We're going to lock it. And we're going to unlock it. And then we're going to move in 12 foot increments. We're going to go as far as we can to see when it stops and when we need to add the water. So now we're about 120 feet away and it's intermittent. If I hit the button, it won't work. So now let me show you the trick that I want to share with you that is a scientific fact. See the lights? So what's happening here is the water inside my body is transmitting the magnetic electronic waves, basically, the waves from this battery, the key fob through the air and the water pushes it further, so you don't even have to use your body. You can use a jug of water if you want to get even more further distance. So if I hold it up against the water, and aim at the car, see that? So we're going to shoot about another 100 yards here and let's see if the jug works.

So here we are at roughly 220 feet and nothing. I get nothing out of it. Let's see if I use my head. Nothing, put your head into it. Now let's see if we use a jug of water. Let's see what happens. There you go. So carry around a jug of water with yourself, no I'm just joking. So we're just breaking down the theory of how you can actually use your body, for the water that your body carries, to actually enhance your key fob performance. So next time you're at the grocery store, and it's raining out and you're like, "Ugh". Well grocery stores have that lovely big glass window, right? So you're cashing out, grab your key, get somewhere close, do this and at least unlock your doors so that by the time you get there, keys in the pocket and you're not fidgeting for them in the rain.

So now we're going to try this with a GMC, an Acadia. And if you look in the distance there you'll see a nice black four-door Acadia. So let's see if we can see the lights flicker. I'm going to hit the unlock. No, nothing. I'm going to hit the horn button. Nothing. Let's see if the water in my body will transmit the magnetic waves. I'm going to do the horn. It's just fun to do. So go out, have some fun, play some games with your friends and family, make them think that you got power in your body, you know what I'm saying? Have fun.

So hopefully this video helped you out. You had some fun watching it because I know we had fun making it. It's something that is not really automotive but it is, right? We're not talking about car parts or in the car, but we're talking about fun things, things that you just learned outside of cars too, science. And maybe you can play some tricks on some friends and loved ones and show them that you know something that they don't. Don't forget to subscribe, ring the bell, turn on all your notifications, and enjoy the rest of our videos.

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