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Top Common Engine Problems 2007-14 GMC Sierra 3500 Truck

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Created on: 2021-07-03

Andy points out the common problems you might encounter with the engine in your Sierra 3500

In this video, we're going over some of the top engine problems on this 2007 to 2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD.

Overall, there's not a lot of problems with these engines. They're fairly reliable. First, we're gonna start with oil leaks. Some of the areas you may find oil leaks coming from is the valve cover gaskets. Over in this area, if you see some oil leaking down onto the exhaust, you definitely want to replace those valve cover gaskets, and those are pretty easy to replace. Just take the coil packs off and that comes off, it's a whole assembly, and then take the bolts off the valve cover and then slide that off, put a new gasket on, clean it up, put it back together and you're good to go.

From underneath the vehicle, you may notice some oil leaking from this area in between the engine and transmission. Make sure it's not the oil filter. If it's just the oil filter, you can replace that if it's the filter itself or if it just wasn't sealed properly. Otherwise, it could be the oil pan gasket. To replace the gasket, you'd have to pull the oil pan down, replace it with a new gasket, and then put it back up. And also, the rear main seal, which would be behind the transmission. You have to remove the transmission to do that. It's kind of a bigger job, but it's not that common. And extremely common is the oil cooler lines themselves. So those lines run from beside the engine block out to the front where the radiator is. If you see moisture like this, it's definitely time to replace them.

The next thing we have is the exhaust manifold bolts. Which the exhaust manifold is right here, and obviously, there's one on the other side as well. And this bolt is actually sheared off right there, flush with the manifold. Luckily, it is sticking out a little bit, so if you took the other bolts off, take the manifold off, you should be able to get some locking pliers on that and work it back and forth. Hopefully, it's not seized in there too much. If you can't get it out with some locking pliers, a lot of times, people take a nut and actually weld the nut to the stud, and you're able to get it out that way.

And the last engine problem is the throttle body issue, which is located right here. You may end up with a code P0121 if you have a check engine light come on. It has to do with the throttle body, and it could be that the throttle body is just dirty and there's carbon buildup on the back. But a lot of times, you just got to replace the throttle body.

So there's our top engine problems for this GMC Sierra. Overall, not too bad. If you enjoyed this video or it helped you out, make sure you subscribe to our channel, ring the bell, turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our videos.

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