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Top 5 Problems Volkswagen Jetta Wagon 5th Generation 2006-10

Created on: 2020-11-06

In this video, Andy shows you some of the most common occurring problems with these model years of the Jetta, according to mechanic data from across the country.

In this video, we're going over the top five problems on this 5th Generation Volkswagen Jetta. So, there's nothing wrong with this vehicle, whether you're thinking of buying one, or whether you own one. All vehicles have their problems. These are the top five that we have found. Number one, the ignition coils. Now, the ignition coils on this vehicle are underneath this cover here. This happens to be a five-cylinder engine, so you're going to have five ignition coils.

Now, some of the symptoms you're going to find is the engine is running rough. You may find the check engine light on, and also the check engine light flashing. In that case, it's not safe to drive the vehicle. You should pull over, and either have the vehicle towed, or find a way to get it to a shop, or if you're going to fix it yourself. Now, when you replace the ignition coils, it's always a good idea to replace the spark plugs as well.

Number two, bad grounds. Now, you may notice that you have some odd electrical issues, and you can't figure out what the problem is. Well, it's always a good idea to check the grounds. And just because they look good... Now, these are a little bit corroded, but if you take this nut off and clean this up, you'll get a better contact. And same with this one. It's always good to disconnect the battery when you have that issue. And there's another ground over here. And then also grounds that are attached to the engine. There's one that's attached to the transmission right there and other places on the engine. So, if you're struggling with a weird electrical issue, it's always a good idea to check the grounds.

Number three, the window regulator. Now, you may notice that your window doesn't go up or down, or it gets stuck in a certain position. Most likely the cause is the window regulator. Now, the way these window regulators are set up, it has cables and pulleys. Some regulators have a scissor type. This does not have that type. Now, over time some of those pulleys will get weak and either break or the cables will fray and that will cause the window to fail in whatever position it's in. Most of the time it's not the actual window motor, it's just the regulator.

Number four, odor coming from the heating and air conditioning system. Now, what normally causes this is moisture on the heater core, and sometimes also on the evaporator core for the air conditioning. And that's just going to cause a mildy, moldy smell. So, if you notice that, there is special cleaners for that, and you're also going to want to check the drain and make sure it's clear of any blockages, or anything like that where moisture can stay in the heater system longer and cause more mold and mildew. What also will help with this is replacing your cabin filter.

Number five, the wiring harness to the headlight bulbs. Now, you may notice that one or more of the headlights burn out prematurely. If you're having to replace the bulbs a lot, then most likely the harness to the headlight bulbs is bad and needs to be replaced. Check the connector and see if the connector is melted, or has any corrosion on it. If it does, it needs to be addressed.

So, those are the top five problems with this 5th Generation Volkswagen Jetta. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe to our channel. Ring that bell. Turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our videos.

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