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Top 5 Problems Jeep Renegade 1st Generation 2015-Present

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Top 5 Problems Jeep Renegade 1st Generation 2015-Present

Created on: 2020-10-25

In this video, Andy explains the most common things to go wrong with the Jeep Renegade.

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In this video, we're going over the top five problems that we have found with this first-generation Jeep Renegade.

Now there's nothing wrong with this vehicle. There's nothing wrong with buying one or owning one. All vehicles have their problems. These are the top five that we have found.

Number one, the ignition coils. Now the ignition coils are located right here, and this is a four cylinder engine so it has four coils. And the symptoms you're going to find is a check engine light that most likely will be flashing and the engine is going to be running rough. Now, the reason why these coils fail a lot of the times is the...not so much the coil itself, but the boot that goes down to the plug itself. There's these tubes and corrosion gets in there and causes the boots to not work as efficiently. So that's going to put more strain on the coil itself. Now, if you take the coil out and find that there's a lot of corrosion in there, you need to clean all that out, the boots most likely would need to be replaced or replace the whole coil. They should come with the boots. And then it's always a good idea to replace the spark plugs whenever you have this issue. When you replace these coils, there is a Jeep specific dielectric grease that you should use. And then you clear the code and you should be good to go.

Number two, the heater hose. Now the heater hose that has the problem is located right here. And what happens is there is on some vehicles a vacuum line that comes right in front of it and the heater hose will actually rub on that vacuum line. And over time it will cause the hose to leak. So, if you notice a coolant leak on this side of the engine, most likely it's from that and once you repair that hose, you're going to apply some cut proof padded tape, and that's going to prevent from rubbing through.

Number three, oil consumption. Now a lot of vehicles have oil consumption problems and what you need to do is check your oil regularly. Pull the dipstick out, you want to wipe it, reinsert the dipstick and then check it. So you want the oil between those hash marks. Now this vehicle, it is on the low side, so we would need to add a quart of oil at this point. A lot of this has to do with the piston rings. Now oil can get past the rings and it will burn. And over time, you're going to lose a little bit of oil. Now you want to check it regularly. It's a good idea to check it every thousand miles, if you think you're having a problem. So if you think you have this problem, the best thing to do is go to the dealer, have them start an oil consumption test and go from there.

Number four, the front CV shafts. And the front CV shafts are located right here. And these are what are going to drive the front wheels from the engine, through the transmission, through the shaft. And the symptom you're going to find with this is a clunk type noise on acceleration or deceleration. And to fix this concern, you're going to have to replace the shaft. It's a good idea to figure out which side is making the noise so you only have to replace the one side, but it's not going to hurt to do both.

Number five, problems with the radio. Now you may find that you have some problems with connecting with Bluetooth or some of the display is not accurate, or even the display goes blank completely and also other conditions with the radio. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you need a new radio system, but there is a software update, and the only way to perform this is to go to the dealer, have them do the update, and then everything should be good to go.

So those are our top five problems for this Jeep Renegade. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe to our channel, ring that bell, turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our videos.

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