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Top 5 Issues With Cadillac CTS

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  1. step : Timing Chains (0:24)
    • Timing chains can stretch, which causes the camshafts to turn out of sync with the crank shaft and pistons.
    • Diagnosing or repairing the timing chain requires dismantling the front of the engine.
    • Pushed out chain tensioners indicate stretched chains
    • The best prevention is regular oil changes and maintaining proper oil level
  2. step : Door Handles (2:33)
    • The front door handles trigger an electric actuator to open the door latch
    • Diagnosing these requires removing the door panel
    • Disconnect the door handle electrical connector
    • Test the door latch by jumping the blue and brown wires together and connecting them to ground
    • If the door latch actuates you know you need a new door handle switch.
  3. step : Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS Sensors) (4:54)
    • If able, use a scan tool that will read the ABS sensors live
    • Turn each wheel by hand
    • Erratic or blank data for that wheel indicates a sensor problem
    • Visually inspect the wheel sensor, wire and connector for damage that would break the circuit
    • Visually inspect the wheel hub for damage
    • Cracks in the wheel hub or bearing will cause erratic readings
  4. step : Evap Codes (8:33)
    • Check the gas cap, and filler neck rim for wear, rust, or damage
    • Check the evap purge solenoid located above the passenger side valve cover
    • Inspect the electrical connector for damage
    • Inspect the hose fittings for leaks
    • Vacuum test the purge valve for leaks
    • Check the evap canister vent valve, located above the rear differential
    • This is a difficult to reach location that requires removing the rear suspension cradle
  5. step : Camshaft Position Codes (10:11)
    • The camshaft actuators control the variable camshaft timing
    • The solenoids are located outside the camshaft cover
    • Clean oil at the proper level is essential as the system operates with oil pressure

Tools needed for replacement:

    Diagnostic Tools

  • Scan Tool

  • General Tools

  • Jack Stands
  • Flashlight
  • Floor Jack

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Wires
  • Wire Terminals

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