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Hey friends, it's Len here at 1A Auto. Today I want to show you something super cool. We've got a Thread Checker Set. This is awesome because you can hang it up right anywhere you want inside your shop, or your garage, or wherever it is you're working. If you're working with nuts or bolts or whatever it is you might be dealing with, something like this, you want to know what the thread is, just check it.

I'm going to come over here. It's a pretty small one. I'll try this one. Should thread right in there. This threads right in. Let's see, it says it's an M6 by 1.0. Now I know that this is an M6 by 1.0 bolt. If I needed to replace it, go get another one, whatever it is I needed, this just told me what I'm looking for.

It's also got the other side, the threaded area. That's for checking your nuts. You can tell what thread pitch, whatever nut it is you have. You can match that up with a new one as well. Has pretty much every side. We've got metric in the black and standard in the chrome.

All that said, if you need this Thread Checker, you can always check us out at Thanks.

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