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Stub Shaft Confusion Why is My Cars New CV Axle Different

Created on: 2020-02-28

If your CV axle seems wrong, you may just need to swap the stub shaft! Check out this video for more details!

Constant velocity axles, in other words CV axles, so these could be either front or rear-wheel drive, depends on the type of vehicle but I want to talk about the types. You have these female splines right here and some come with a shaft that's interchangeable, comes out of the actual transmission or the front diff. So when you buy an axle this part for this one goes like that. See it has a lock clip on it and there's a groove that rides in there.

So when you order your axle, and you...before you order it, if you pull it out of your car and it looks like this and you order it and what you see online looks like that, you need to find out if this axle stud or your axle is interchangeable. It's a 50/50 shot with these lock rings if it's going to stick inside the axle or if it's gonna stick inside the transmission side or the drivetrain side. If it did stick in the axle it's gonna be sealed up tight, you're not gonna see those splines, I just don't want to lock it in there because then I'll never get it out of this new axle. If that's the case and it's on this side and you get one that looks like this you might want to do your homework and see if you can buy this axle part of it separately so you can put a new one in your new axle. So if you do remove an axle and this piece is stuck inside the transmission there's no need to change it unless you do have damage to the splines on the external part.

How to Replace Front Driver Side CV Axle 2005-16 Toyota RAV4

How to replace a bent, broken, rusted, or worn front driver side CV axle on your 05-16 Toyota Rav4.

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