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Product Wiring Guide - Power Folding Mirror 2007-16 Toyota Tundra Sequoia

Created on: 2017-01-17

How the wiring of a Toyota Sequoia / Tundra mirror works.

  1. step 1 :Power Fold Feature Connections Explained
    • Take a red wire from the module
    • Strip the end and insert it into a butt connector leading to the add a fuse circuit
    • Remove a factory 5 amp fuse (such as the cigarette lighter light)
    • Attach the black wire/ground to a rust-free clean bolt on bare metal underneath the dash
    • Connect the green connector to the switch
    • If you do not have factory power fold, peel the backing from the base plate on the mirror
    • Pull out the white and yellow connector that connects to the factory harness
    • Disconnect the white and yellow connector from blue and purple connectors
    • Run the white and yellow connector through the opening in the shield
    • Connect the white and yellow connector to the small powerfold feature harness

Hi, I'm Mike from 1AAuto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years! We're dedicated to delivering quality auto parts, expert customer service, and fast and free shipping, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So visit us at 1AAuto.com, your trusted source for quality auto parts.

Here we have our upgraded tow mirror for the 2008 to '16 Toyota Sequoias, as well as the 2007 to 2016 Toyota Tundras. Now we understand there's been some confusion as to how you hook up the power fold feature in vehicles that were not equipped with factory power fold. To make it clear, we're going to show you exactly where this harness connects into your mirror as well as where you should be expecting to make these other connections to hook up your aftermarket power fold feature.

This red wire will be stripped and installed into this butt connector here, which leads to our add a fuse circuit here—which will remove a factory five amp or higher fuse from your fuse panel. We recommend something like your cigarette lighter, that will only work with the vehicle's power on. You will remove that fuse. Install this and install the fuse you removed into this open terminal here, while this will supply power to the switch. This black wire will be attached to a rust free clean bolt on bare metal somewhere underneath your dashboard to ground this switch to the chassis.

The green connector will connect into your switch, which you'll cut a hole and mount into your dash. Now if your vehicle did not have the factory power fold, this connection needs to be tapped into the mirror. This is where a lot of people have been having trouble. What you have to do is peel the backing here off the base plate of the mirror. Down where your connector is that your factory wiring harness will plug into. Inside you'll find this white and yellow connector here going into the connector for your factory harness.

This is looped from the factory to make sure if your vehicle had factory power fold that this option is plug and play. However, for those of you watching this video, to add this feature to your vehicle, you want to disconnect this connector, run it through the small opening and this shielding, lay the backing back into place and connect the appropriate side of the harness included with your kit to that connection. If everything is hooked up correctly, this will allow the power fold function to work off of the aftermarket switch and harness included in your kit.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at 1AAuto.com for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

2007 - 2013  Toyota  Tundra
2008 - 2013  Toyota  Sequoia
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