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How to Reset Oil Life Maintenance Reminder 2015-20 Cadillac Escalade

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Created on: 2020-12-19

Changed your oil but forgot to reset the maintenance light, or don't know how? No problem, Len shows you how to do it in your 2015-20 Cadillac Escalade!

Hey, friends. It's Len here from 1A Auto. So, you just finished your oil change on your 2016 Cadillac Escalade. Good for you. But now, it's gonna be time to make sure you reset that maintenance light. To do that, we're gonna get inside the truck.

To reset the maintenance light on this, we want to make sure that the engine's running. And then, we're gonna use the gauge cluster up here. We're gonna go ahead and press over to the side so that the light-up comes all the way to the left. And once it's all the way over there, you can continue by scrolling up and down until you find oil life maintenance. Once you've found that, go ahead and hold the select button. And then, that's gonna reset the oil life. All right. That's reset. Let's go ahead and turn off the engine. Now, we'll just turn it back on again. And just ensure that it is actually reset. Now, you're safe to take it for a road test.

Okay. So that was super easy. Hopefully, you learned a little something along the way, or maybe you got something to say. Either way, leave it in the comment section below because I always love to hear from you. If you like the video, smash on the like button for me. It would mean the world. While you're at it, go ahead and subscribe. Ring the bell. That way there you can be kept up with all of our latest content. Thanks.

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