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How to Replace Wiper Switch 05-11 Honda Civic

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How to Replace Wiper Switch 05-11 Honda Civic

Created on: 2018-01-18

How to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, damaged, faded, worn or faulty turn signal stalk, high beam and wiper switch on 08 Honda Civic.

  1. step 1 :Removing the Upper Dash Trim
    • Place a hand behind the trim
    • Pull the trim out
  2. step 2 :Removing the Steering Column Trim
    • Pull the lock down and lower the steering wheel
    • Remove the three Phillips screws from the trim
    • Pull the lower trim apart from the upper trim with a trim tool
  3. step 3 :Removing the Wiper Switch
    • Disconnect the wiper switch
    • Remove the two Phillips screws from the switch
    • Remove the switch
  4. step 4 :Installing the Wiper Switch
    • Insert the switch into place
    • Tighten the two Phillips screws to the switch
    • Connect the wiper switch connector
  5. step 5 :Installing the Steering Column Trim
    • Connect the lower and upper trim pieces
    • Tighten the three Phillips screws to the trim
  6. step 6 :Installing the Upper Dash Trim
    • Press the lower dash trim into place

Tools needed

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

    Trim Tool Set

Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

Going to remove this lower dash board trim. It just clips into place. Going to reach your hand behind it and just kind of gently pull out. It will un-clip. Some clips along the top. These clips here. Just un-clips. We'll put that aside in the backseat.

We're going to take off the steering column trim. To get these plastics off that are around the steering column, we're going to pull the lock down, lower it, and I'll lock it in place. We're probably going to have to move the handle at some point. I'm going to take a Phillip's head screwdriver. There’s three Phillip's head screws: one in each of these openings. This one's easiest to see. Start with this one. Put that aside. Feel for the screw up here. This one doesn't want to come out. It's got a pretty big washer on it when I looked inside there. So it's kind of stuck in the plastic, it should fall out when I take this apart, we'll just watch for it. So I'm going to remove this one too. So I just kind of wiggled it a little bit and both screws fell out.

This should separate now. It should just be clipped once the screws are removed, so just kind of pull on it. Going to try to pull this apart. Basic clip together. Maybe kind of stiff, may have to play with the steering column, move it up and down. If it doesn't want to separate easily, two halves of the steering column plastic, take our plastic trim tool, can get these from 1AAuto.com, just kind of wedge it in there and use it to pry it apart. Do the same thing on both sides. There we go. May have to move the steering column up or down. So this part will come out this way. And then may have to lift this up and leave the lever loose and maneuver it off of there. Put this aside. And lock the steering column again.

To get to our wiper switch, I'm going to put the key in the ignition so I can turn the wheel so it doesn't lock. Our battery is disconnected. Take the key out of the ignition. Might have to move the steering column down to get to it. The electrical connector for the wiper switch is back here. There's a tab on it. Push it in to unlock it.

So I'm pushing in on this tab here. Now that all that's holding this in is these two Phillips head screws, one here, one here, take a Phillip's head screwdriver, put the other screw aside, and this should come right out of here. Steering column telescope's out. And there's our wiper switch.

We'll reinstall the switch. Plug it in. This connector is going to go into this opening here. It's keyed, it can only go in one way. Click when it locks into place. Slide it into here. And this wire harness kind of clips this U shape here. We'll reinstall the screws. Don't over-tighten them, get it snug. I'm going to lock this steering column so they don't move on me. Wiper switch is replaced.

Knock some of the dust off here, get the top one in place. It just kind of sits on there. We'll take our bottom one, slide it up. Might have to move the lever down. Going to get this up into place. I'm going to lock the lever again. You just kind of line up the tabs on both sides, and it'll snap together. The same for the other side. Now lift this up and I will go underneath. Install this screw here, the smaller of the screws. It's a little machine screw. Steering column has three screws. These two go into the plastic. This is the small machine screw, it's going to go down here on the bottom. I can move this around a bit. Thread this in. And just tighten it up. You don't have to kill it. Just enough. And then of course reinstall these. And the same for the other one. And not too tight, they're just going into plastic.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at 1AAuto.com for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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