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How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket 2007-12 BMW X3

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Created on: 2020-03-06

Watch this video to learn how to install a new valve cover gasket on your 2007-12 BMW X3.

I want to disconnect the battery. So get to the battery in the back, just use a 10-millimeter socket. Remove the negative cable, loosen it up. Just slide it off and out of the way, make sure it doesn't arc out on there. Take these two trim clips out, just use a trim tool. Take the center part out first and take push pin out. Do the same on that side. I'm gonna take these two bolts out on this side and the two on the other side as well. On this side, I'll just use a wrench and 13-millimeter and the other side I can use a socket and a ratchet. And slide this bar out of the way. You want to take this cover off, twist this right here, there's one over here as well and one on that side. And just grab it, slide up and just pull the cabin filter out.

I'm just gonna use a bungee cord, just go around the wiper arm just to hold this up. Then we just keep that out of the way. I'm gonna take these four bolts out, gonna use a T30 socket and just grab this piece, should be able to slide it up, and just slide this out. And throw all those leaves out. Now I'm gonna use a 5-millimeter hex bit and take these four bolts out, it's two in the front two in the back. And just slide this cover off, just like that. To remove the coil, disconnect the connector. I'm just gonna slide this tab up just like that and then the connector is gonna slide out, it's gonna slide straight down. All right pulling that coil out. Now we're gonna pull out the rest of the coils the same way.

Now we're gonna disconnect the connector on this motor right here, just like that. Push down on those two tabs. Now I'm gonna use an E8 socket and take the two bolts out holding it in. There's a bolt underneath this motor so I'm just gonna take a pick and there's some retainers right here, our clips. Release the clips, just slide this out of the way. Then I can lift this out of the way a little bit and use that same E8 socket and an extension. Pull that bolt out. There might be a little spring tension on that. And just slide this out of the way, just like that. There's a ground wire right here, I'm gonna take that off, use an 8-millimeter socket take the nut off, just like that. And there's another one back here, get that one off. Pull the ground off. I'm just gonna use a pick and just take this cover off here. Just get underneath here, try to release the cover. And there's some clips on the backside as well, just do the same. There we go, take that off. You can slide these wires out of here, just like that.
Now pop this cover off and I'll use the 19-millimeter socket, and remember you should have disconnected the battery in the trunk otherwise you're gonna arc your tools out on this while loosening this. Take this nut off. And take this wire. I'm just gonna leave the nut on there so I don't lose it and just move the wire to the other side. I'm I'll use a 10-millimeter socket, take this bolt out right here. Pull that wire out and slide that to the other side.

All right. This connector right here I'm gonna disconnect that there. If you have trouble with that you can use a little pick and there's a little tab right there, a little tab right there, just slide underneath there. And there's some clips over here that are holding the wiring harness right there, slide that out. And there's a clip on the front, try to get that off. You can just slide wiring harness to the side a little bit. Now where this fuel rail connection is right here there's these wires go to the O2 sensors, want to slide these out of the bracket. Just set those aside.

Then to disconnect the fuel rail, I'll just use a pick. There's a little spring clip that holds the injector harness in, you're gonna have to go to each individual injector, move those. You can do it on that side or it's hard to see but you can get it from the front side and try to roll the clip to the side. All right, I got all those clips off, just slide this up. I can show you what those clips look like. So this is what the clip looks like before you try to take it off. If you can get in under here with a pick, it slide underneath there which is kind of hard so I just sometimes take the pick and just slide this like that right there and same on the other side. Loosen those all up and you can slide the whole thing out.

Before we slide this back in position just slide these clips back down. Make sure it looks like that, do the same with the other ones. Now I can just disconnect this connector right here just to give me a little more slack and I can just rotate this harness out of the way. Slide it over here. That's good. In the back there is a wire tie, I'm just gonna use some side cutters and just cut it. Be careful not to cut the wires. And these are just the O2 sensor wires, slide these out of the way. There's a little bracket right there, slide those out of the bracket. You can disconnect them over here if you want to if they're in your way.

And there's a breather hose back here, just gonna have to squeeze the fitting. Might have to twist it a little bit, just be careful it is plastic. And wiggle it off. To use the pick. There is...if you can squeeze this, you squeeze that to release the tabs right there but I just used a pick and just rolled it under there and under there.
Now I'm gonna remove the bolts in the valve cover, I'm going to start with the three in the middle. There's a stud right here and a stud right here and then a bolt in the middle, I'm gonna use the 10-millimeter socket. Now these may or may not come out, they are caged, but the center one might come out. And the center one comes out. Yeah, these side ones are caged, this just happened to come out on this one.

Now I'm gonna take these bolts out around the perimeter of the valve cover, I'm gonna use an E10 socket. Then I'm gonna grab the valve cover, you can use a little pry tool, just try to get underneath, just be careful it is plastic, you don't want to crack anything. All right, slide this up and slide it out. To make it a little bit easier, probably easier to take this bracket off so that you can get it past. So when I go to put it back on I'll have that bracket off.

Then I'm gonna take a rag and some brake parts cleaner. Just clean up all these surfaces where the gasket's gonna meet the head. Just in here, in here. Make sure you clean this area right here. And then on the top, the perimeter, be careful there is gonna be sand right there, so either vacuum it away or just be very careful and wipe it so that you get the sand to not go into the head.

We want to take these spark plugs sleeves out, just slide them up, we're going to transfer those over to the new valve cover. And you can actually slide these in from the top, lock them down like that. Same with the other ones. Just take a little bit of engine oil and just lubricate this seal right here. That's good. All right. So the top of our cylinder head is all cleaned off, looks good, make sure those wires are out of your way and just take the new valve cover, just slide it in position.

Make sure the gasket doesn't fall out while you're doing this. That looks good. Double-check the wires, those look good. Make sure the seal is okay, looks good. And we'll push these tubes down because they may pop up a little bit. We want to get all the bolts started. Most of them are caged in the valve cover but there's the one in the center and then the two on the front that are not, so put those back in. Now I'm just gonna snug them all down before I go around and torque them.

Now I'm gonna go around and torque these bolts to 6.6 foot-pounds or 9 newton-meters. Some of these sleeves may have pushed up so just take a screwdriver, push them down. Could use two screwdrivers, pop them in. Now these O2 sensor wires, I had to take the clip off of the other valve cover, slide that in position right here and slide the wires through there. Then we can take this breather hose, slide this in position and lock it down. Just take a wire tie, put that around that hose, around O2 sensor wires and just trim the excess.

All right, just take this oil cap off the old one, slide it out, might need a screwdriver and just pry underneath a little bit. It's a good idea to replace this seal and just put this little rubber seal there and then line this up, there is an arrow that lines up right there, line that up and try to lock this cap in place. All right lock it on like that and that's good. Just position these wires. Good to go. Just gonna reconnect this wire right here and line up the fuel rail wires. Those lined up, you can lock those in place.

Now we're gonna install this motor. Now on the backside of the motor there is a spot where you can use a hex bit, a 4-millimeter. So when you go to line this up it's not gonna line up down below. What you can do is take that hex bit and just tighten it and that's gonna just screw that in. Get that so that's lined up and then we can put all the bolts in. So put these bolts in, get those started. I'm gonna get them all started before we torque them down.

And before I tighten this one up, I will torque these two. I'm going to torque these two 7.3 foot-pounds or 10 newton-meters. This little cap I just slid this off the old one and you're just gonna slide this on this little vacuum port right here, just cover that up. That's good like that. And take the wiring harness, just get it positioned so it can clip in. Line that all up. Plug this motor in, plug this connector in right here, that's good. Take these ground wires, just line that up there. Line the one in the back up, put the nuts on and snug those up.

Now we can put the coils back in and reconnect them. Get the connector lined up and push down and lock. Do the same for the others. All right, now we can align these wires up, put this through this retainer there. All right, slide the wire through here, put the bolt through, and we'll tighten that down and snug that up. It's good. And slide this thicker wire on top and slide that right there, put the nut on and snug this up. It's good. Put the cover back there and line the cover up right here and then lock it in place.

All right. Take the cover, line the cover up. And take the bolts, get all the bolts started and just snug these up. Not too tight. Take this panel, get this lined up. All right, get that to line up. Get these bolts started and just snug these down. I'll take the bungee cord away, put the cabin filter back in, slide that in position. Actually it goes this way. And that looks good. Put the cover on, tighten these down, turn the locks. And take this bar, line this up, put these bolts in, two on this side, two on the other side. This side I'll just use a ratchet wrench, tighten these down. Snug them up. And take these pushpins, line these up and lock it down. There we go. Now we're gonna reconnect the negative battery cable and tighten up the nut. Just make sure you wiggle it, make sure it's tight. That's good.

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