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How to Replace Upstream O2 Sensor 2000-08 Ford F150

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Created on: 2020-07-31

This video shows you how to install new upstream oxygen sensors on your 2000-08 Ford F-150

Okay, friends. To get started on our upstream O2 sensor, you're gonna find that there's one on the driver's side bank and there's gonna be one on the passenger side bank. The process is gonna be about the same for either side, I'm gonna be working on the driver's side.

One of the first things that I always like to do is disconnect the wiring for it. If you look right along here, you're gonna see a grey harness, use your small pocket screwdriver or you can, of course, use your thumb if you wanted to. Come right in between here, press down on that, and then separate the two. I always like to look inside to see if there's any funny colors, you can use a mirror if you need to look up in that one. Set that aside, now we're gonna remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust pipe.

Next, you're gonna need a socket that looks like this, this is an O2 sensor socket and you can see that it has a slot right there. I'm gonna come right over the wire and put that right onto the O2 sensor itself. Now, I'm gonna use my ratchet, and I'm gonna turn that counterclockwise and remove it from the exhaust. Let's put that right in like that.

A lot of times with your ratchet if you're lucky enough, you can get it to come out and through towards that wheel well. I like to go through the wheel well because it just gives me a little bit more leverage rather than trying to reach down in here and see if I can do it. There we are. I got it so it broke free. Once you have it loose, you should be able to unscrew it. There it is, friends.

Now, it's gonna be time to put in our new upstream O2 sensor. You're gonna notice that on the threads there should be a little bit of Never-Seez. Leave that on there but be careful not to get on the sensing agent down at the end. I'm just gonna start this in by hand, which is very important to always start things in by hand so you can make sure it's not gonna crust right in. I'll snug it up as much as I can and then of course, I'll tighten it up with my ratchet and socket.

Now, we're just gonna tighten this up. You wanna go until you feel as though it bottoms out which is right about there, I can feel like it doesn't want to go too much further, I'm just gonna give a teeny bit more just to make sure that that gasket is nice and crushed down. Remove our tool. Now, I'll grab our wire, make sure that it isn't twisted or anything.

Of course, attach it in. It should click and give it a nice tug to make sure it's secure, and then of course, just make sure that your wire isn't any place near the exhaust in any way. Okay, friends so you finish your O2 sensor, great job. Now what you need to do is if you had a check engine light on, clear that code. Take your vehicle for a road test. If your check engine light stays off, you did great.

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