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How to Replace Taillights 2004-08 Ford F150

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How to Replace Taillights 2004-08 Ford F150

Created on: 2021-01-16

This video shows you how to install a new tail light assembly on your 2004-08 Ford F-150.

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Okay, friends. To get started on doing this tail lamp, you're really gonna need some very basic tools. Basically, all you need is an 8-millimeter socket so you can remove this mounting bolt here and this one right there. Once we get those out, we'll be able to slide this out and remove the wiring. Grab onto your lamp assembly and pull it towards the rear of the vehicle. From the backside, you can see the wiring. Go ahead and grab on to those, give them a little twist to turn them out. I always like to take a peek at my bulbs to make sure that they're in good condition. This looks great. I'll set it aside. Do the same for this one. Take a peek. Great as well. There it is, friends.

We've got our new lamp assembly here, let's get ready for an install. If you were to turn it around, you would see that it has two pitons. Those two pitons have to fit into the holes on the body of the vehicle. Keeping that in mind, we're gonna install our bulbs. The one with the green goes to the lower area here which is also the reverse lamp. Go ahead and put it in, turn it to the right to lock it in. Same for the top, for the brake/directional. Slide it in. Now we're gonna line up our pitons with those holes. Line them up. Put this so it's going in straight. Give it a couple loving bonks, make sure it's situated all the way around. This looks great. We've got our two mounting bolts, put both those in and snug them up. Give it a nice tug, make sure it's completely secured. The last thing we have to do is shut the tailgate and, of course, test our lamp.

All right. We've got some running lights, brakes, reverse, and, of course, our directional.


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