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How to Replace Starter 2000-06 GMC Yukon

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Created on: 2020-03-31

Watch this video to learn how to install a new starter on your 2000-06 GMC Yukon.

Disconnect the battery, we're gonna disconnect the negative terminal, use an 8-millimeter wrench, loosen it up. Be careful not to hit the positive side. And set that aside. Our starter's located over here on the passenger side, and I'm going to take this bolt out right here, use a 10-millimeter socket just for the cover. Gonna disconnect the connector for this oil level sensor just to give me a little more slack on the wires. I'll use a pick. And from this side, I can release the connector, pull up on the lock tab, slide it out. That's all I pulled up right there. Now I'll use a 13-millimeter socket, take these two bolts out. This one's kind of tight because of that little cover. I'm gonna back the starter up towards the front of the vehicle. And just try to get this cover up just to get it out of your way. Just tip the starter up, slide it down. Just take a screwdriver, get this heat shield off of here. Just slides up, just clips on there. Slide that out of your way.

So I'm just gonna get an 8-millimeter wrench and we'll take the starter wire off. Sometimes these break. All right. Got that little nut off, and then you just take that starter wire off, set that aside. And now the positive cable, we have to get that off. Now, you're gonna feel around for this as well, and use a 13-millimeter wrench. Get on the nut, loosen it up. Here's a trick. If you take a long screwdriver, put it in the starter, can keep the starter from spinning. Then you can loosen up that nut. There we go.

All right, take this nut off. When you take this off, make sure you support the starter . You don't want it to fall. And then pull that cable off, slide that off. There was a washer on there. That's the bolt you just took off, the nut, and that's the small nut for the starter wire. On the power cable just take a wire brush, just clean up some of the corrosion on here and the rust. Try to get it on both sides, top side too. Also the little starter cable, just clean that up

And take the nut off the new starter and take the smaller nut off as well. There's a little lock washer on this one. The old one didn't have this. Start by connecting the power wire and there is a tab on it. The tab's gonna line up right there, so it goes on the same way it came off.

Take the lock washer, put the lock washer on first and then the nut. I'm going to use the wrench and tighten this up. If you have the ability to get a torque wrench in there, you wanna tighten this to 80 inch-pounds. Make sure you're on inch-pounds, not foot-pounds. I'm just gonna snug this up. I have the screwdriver to give me a little more leverage, and that's good.

Take the starter wire and slide it over the stud. And, again, you have to do this by feel. Put he little lock ring on, lock washer and little nut. Get that started. And if you can torque this, torque this to 30 inch-pounds. Just snug that up, not too tight. It's good. Now slide the starter back. And before you set it in position, make sure you take this cover right here. And you don't have to put the bolt in yet, just make sure you put that in before you get the starter ready and slide the starter in position.

Take the two starter bolts. It's a good idea to clean up these areas. That's where it makes a contact on the starter. And just clean up the bolt. Then get these bolts started. Tighten these up. Use a torque wrench and torque these to 37 foot-pounds. Take this 10-millimeter bolt, get that lined up. Reconnect the oil level sensor, lock it in place. Now we can connect the battery. Take the negative terminal, get that started. And snug it up. Make sure it's not loose. You're good to go.

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