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How to Replace Starter 1999-13 Ford F150

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Okay friends, to start this job we first wanna talk about safety. You want hand and eye protection. Once you have both of those, we're gonna continue on by removing our negative battery terminal from the battery. Set that aside so it can't make contact. Now we're gonna get under the vehicle.

Underneath the passenger side of the vehicle, looking at the starter, you're gonna be able to see you have a stud with a nut, with a wire going to it, and then a smaller stud with a nut with a smaller wire going to it. We need to get both those wires off of there first. There's that nut, get that wire off of there. This wire off of here. There we are.

Moving along, we're gonna go ahead and get the ground wire off the bottom of the starter here. Nut off there. Now let's go ahead and get the wire off the stud. Get this stud off of here. There it is. Top bolt out, you're probably gonna need a short extension with a swivel, and then we should be able to get to it. All right. Let's carefully get our starter out of here. There it is, friends.

Now it's gonna be time to get our nice new starter up in here. Carefully slide it up and over here. We'll put it in and then we're gonna start in both of our bolts. Now that we have the bolts started, we'll snug them both down and then we're gonna torque them to 18 foot-pounds. Okay, 18 foot-pounds.

This part's gonna be super important. You're gonna make sure you wanna clean up your cables. This is gonna be the area that's gonna connect to the terminals on the starter. If it's corroded in any way, it's gonna cause restriction, and even make it so there's no voltage going to the starter. Clean up both sides of every wire that you removed.

Now that we have all our wires hooked up, let's go ahead and reconnect our ground first. Just put that right over the stud. We're gonna go ahead and put the nut on here. We're gonna snug it up and then we're gonna torque it to 15 foot-pounds. There we are. Now let's get our wires on there. I'm gonna start with the larger wire. Right on here like that and then of course, we'll put our locking washer and then our nut. So I got that snugged. You actually wanna torque this, if you could get a torque wrench in there to 9 foot-pounds. And the little one right here, once we get this on there, you torque that to 53 inch-pounds. All right, that's nice and tight.

Now let's just double-check our wiring to make sure it's not hanging down so it can get caught on anything. This looks great. Let's reconnect our negative battery terminal and make sure it's nice and tight. Give it a nice wiggle. Start the vehicle.


2006 - 2008  Lincoln  Mark LT
1999 - 2013  Ford  F450 Truck
2005 - 2010  Ford  Mustang
2007 - 2010  Ford  Mustang
1999 - 2013  Ford  F550 Truck
1999 - 2010  Ford  F150 Truck
1999 - 2013  Ford  Expedition
2000 - 2005  Ford  Excursion
2002 - 2002  Lincoln  Blackwood
2004 - 2004  Ford  F150 Heritage Truck
2011 - 2013  Ford  F250 Super Duty Truck
2011 - 2013  Ford  F350 Super Duty Truck
1999 - 2009  Lincoln  Navigator
1999 - 2008  Ford  F250 Super Duty Truck
1999 - 2008  Ford  F350 Super Duty Truck
2011 - 2012  Ford  F150 Truck
2013 - 2013  Ford  F150 Truck

99-11 Ford PU, Excursion, Expedition, F150-F450, Mustang, Navigator 4.6L, 5.4L, 6.8L Gas Starter

Ford Lincoln Starter DIY Solutions

This part replaces:

  • Hollander 604-01226, 604-01330
  • Lester 6646
  • TYC 1-06646
  • OE # 5L3Z11002A
  • OE # 5L3411000AA
  • OE # 5R3Z11002A
  • DIY Solutions ECS00108
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