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How to Replace Speed Sensor 97-01 Toyota Camry

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  1. step : Removing the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) (0:47)
    • Raise and support the vehicle
    • Disconnect the VSS wiring harness
    • Remove the 10mm bolt from the VSS
    • Pry the VSS from the transmission with a flat blade screwdriver
    • Remove the sensor from the transmission with pliers
  2. step : Installing the VSS (3:04)
    • Apply Transmission fluid to the VSS O-ring
    • Install the VSS into the transmission
    • Install the 10mm bolt for the VSS
    • Connect the VSS wiring harness
    • Lower the vehicle to the ground

Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We're dedicated to delivering quality auto parts, expert customer service, fast and free shipping, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit us at, your trusted source for quality auto parts.

In this video, we're going to show you how to remove and replace a gear style VSS, or vehicle speed sensor, also known as an output or transmission output speed sensor. If you like this video please click subscribe. We have a ton more videos on this and many other vehicles. If you ever need parts for your car you can follow the link down in the description over to Here are the items you'll need for this repair.

We've put our vehicle on a lift to make it easier to film for you. This job can be easily done with a jack and jack stands. Locate your vehicle speed sensor, or transmission output speed sensor, which is located at the top of the transmission over the passenger side CV axle. Disconnect the electrical connector on the top of your speed sensor. Remove the 10 millimeter bolt on the driver's side of the sensor. We'll do this using the 10 millimeter socket and ratchet. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry up and release the sensor from the transmission. You may have to grab the sensor with a pair of pliers and try to move it left and right to release it from the transmission because those O-rings can get baked in there from the heat and really get stuck in there. Remove the sensor from the transmission.

The way your speed sensor here works is this gear is driven by another gear inside of the transmission which tells us how fast that differential or the final drive is rotating. It lets us know the overall speed of the vehicle. These gears can wear out and have the plastic teeth wear off or the shaft can snap along with the electric pickups inside of the sensor breaking down, causing it not to read, which can cause issues with driveability and shifting. Fortunately, it's easy to change.

I've got some clean transmission fluid on my finger here. We'll lubricate that O-ring with it before we install it into the transmission. You could use another lubricant here, but ATF is ideal because we don't have to worry about this dripping in and contaminating our transmission fluid. Reinstall the sensor into the opening. Make sure you push it down there nice and evenly. Reinstall the 10 millimeter bolt, tighten it down with your 10 millimeter socket and ratchet. Reinstall the electrical connector onto the sensor and you're good to go.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Jack Stands
  • Floor Jack

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

  • Slip-Joint Pliers

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Ratchet
  • Socket Extensions

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 10mm Socket

1992 - 1997  Lexus  SC300
2007 - 2008  Toyota  FJ Cruiser
2009 - 2009  Toyota  Matrix
2007 - 2008  Toyota  Yaris
2007 - 2009  Toyota  Sienna
2007 - 2008  Toyota  Sienna
2008 - 2008  Toyota  Highlander
2008 - 2009  Toyota  Highlander
2009 - 2009  Toyota  Rav4
2003 - 2004  Toyota  Matrix
2003 - 2004  Toyota  4Runner
2004 - 2007  Toyota  Highlander
2006 - 2008  Toyota  Rav4
2006 - 2009  Toyota  Rav4
2004 - 2006  Toyota  Sienna
1994 - 2003  Toyota  Camry
1994 - 2001  Toyota  Camry
1993 - 1997  Toyota  Supra
2008 - 2009  Scion  xB
2007 - 2009  Toyota  Camry
1995 - 2004  Toyota  Tacoma
2004 - 2006  Toyota  Camry
2004 - 2008  Toyota  Solara
2002 - 2003  Toyota  Solara
2000 - 2004  Toyota  Tundra
1999 - 2003  Toyota  Solara
2001 - 2003  Toyota  Highlander
2001 - 2007  Toyota  Highlander
2000 - 2005  Toyota  Celica
2005 - 2006  Toyota  Tundra
2004 - 2006  Lexus  ES330
1999 - 2003  Lexus  ES300
1999 - 2003  Lexus  RX300
1994 - 1998  Lexus  ES300
2005 - 2008  Scion  tC
2004 - 2006  Lexus  RX330
2007 - 2008  Lexus  RX350
2007 - 2009  Lexus  RX350
2001 - 2003  Toyota  Sienna
2008 - 2009  Toyota  Avalon
2000 - 2004  Toyota  Avalon

94-09 Lexus, Scion, Toyota Multifit Vehicle Output Speed Sensor

Toyota Lexus Scion Vehicle Speed Sensor DIY Solutions

This part replaces:

  • Standard Motor Products SC153
  • Dorman 917-603
  • OE # 8941308010
  • OE # 8941308020
  • DIY Solutions ESS00636
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