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How to Replace Spark Plugs 12-19 Nissan Versa

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How to Replace Spark Plugs 12-19 Nissan Versa

Created on: 2018-09-07

How to replace old or fouled spark plug on the

Tools needed for replacement

  • Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

    Needle nose pliers

  • Ratchets & Related

    Socket Extensions

    Torque Wrench


  • Sockets - Metric

    8mm Socket

    10mm Socket

  • Sockets - SAE

    9/16 Inch Spark Plug Socket

Installation Video
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Hi. I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

To pop the hood, there's a little lever right here to the left of the instrument panel. Now we're gonna release the safety. It's a little lever here. Push it to the passenger side. Lift up the hood. Prop rod is over here. Install it right there. I'm gonna disconnect the air box right here, release these clips, pull this up a little bit to release it. Disconnect the mass airflow sensor. Just push this button down. Pull the connector off. I'm gonna release the harness right here, this little clip that holds it in. I'm just using a straight blade screwdriver. Slide it in there to release the clip. All I did was push down on the clip right here on one side. Pull it out a little bit and then push down on the other clip. Pull it out. I'm gonna disconnect the hose right here. I'm gonna use some needle nose pliers and squeeze this clamp. I can rotate the hose a little bit back and forth. Sometimes it's a little tricky. Then pull that up there.

I'm gonna disconnect this intake hose right here. I'm gonna use a straight blade screwdriver and loosen up this worm clamp. Could also use a eight millimeter socket. I'm gonna take and rotate this back and forth a little bit and pull it off the throttle body. Just like that. Pull the air box right up. I'm gonna disconnect this throttle body connector. There's a little tab right here. Push down on the tab and then wiggle it out. Disconnect that. Move the wire out of your way. We're gonna take this hose off right here with some needle nose. Squeeze this clamp. Work it back and forth. Pull that off. Set it aside. I'm gonna disconnect this connector right here. There's a little tab right here. You push on that. Slide it off.

I'm gonna remove this wiring harness from the intake right here. Just take a straight blade tool and slide it back. Take the straight blade tool and push on this little lock tab. Push it through a little bit and then push on the other lock tab. Pull it through. Next we're gonna take this hose off. I'll use my needle nose. Squeeze that clamp and then take the hose and just work it back and forth a little bit. Slide it off. This hose, we'll take this hose off. Just use my needle nose and slide the clamp off. Get it out of your way and then grab the hose. Work it back and forth. Slide it off. I'm gonna take these two bolt out up top. There's one here and one here on the intake. I'm gonna use a 10 millimeter socket, an extension, and a ratchet. Take this bolt out. These are on pretty tight. Once you loosen it up, though, you can do it with your fingers. Pull that one out.

Next we wanna remove these five intake bolts. There's one here, one here, one here, one here, and then one on the end. Those are still 10 millimeter bolts. I'm gonna use my 10 millimeter socket and a couple extensions to get the right height for what I need, and a ratchet. Loosen these up. The wiring harness is kinda tight right here. Just keep that in mind. Now these two hoses that go to the throttle body, need to take those off. I'm gonna use my needle nose pliers. Get that clamp off. Work the hose back and forth. There is coolant in these hoses 'cause the coolant goes through, so just keep in mind some of the coolant may drain out. Make sure you're not doing this while the vehicle is hot. Just push that out of the way. Now I'll take this hose off. Just use some pliers. Take that clamp off. Work the hose back and forth. Release it. You can use some pliers like this that are made for taking hoses off. Just go back and forth and pull that hose off. Set that aside.

You can grab the intake. I'm gonna pull the dipstick out of the way. Just slide it up. The wiring harness is a little bit tight right here. Push it out of the way. Remove the intake and throttle body. Disconnect this coil right here. Push on this connector. Pull it out. Take a 10 millimeter socket, extension and a ratchet. Loosen up these bolts. Pull the bolt out. You can grab the coil. Just twist it back and forth and pull it up. Because this coil pack has a seal up here, it seals up the spark plug, too, where the spark plug is down at the bottom. Normally we'd use some compressed air, spray it in there, but because the seal is really good and if you look down in there you can see that there's no dirt. We're good. We don't actually need to use compressed air at this time.

I'm gonna use a spark plug socket. It's a nine sixteenths spark plug socket. There's a rubber grommet in there that's gonna hold the spark plug once it's loose. I'll take this and use an extension to lock it on to the spark plug. Use a ratchet. Break it free. Once it's pretty loose you can do it by hand. Once in a while, I'll pull up on the extension a little bit to see if it's out. There we go. Pull the spark plug out. You can pull the spark plug out of the socket. This is our old plug. This is our new plug. I'm gonna just check the gap real quick. The gap is supposed to be around 40 thousandths. For the old one, this is gapped almost double. It's a little more than 70 thousandths. The original one, you don't have to gap these, but we'll just check it. It's very close to 40 thousandths. We'll put that in. This vehicle should run a lot smoother. There shouldn't be any misfires with the new plugs.

Install the new spark plug into our spark plug socket. Make sure it stays on there good. I'll slide it into the hole. Slide it down the spark plug tube and then we'll start it by hand. There's long threads on these spark plugs, so it takes a while. Then, we're gonna torque these using a torque wrench. We're gonna torque them to 14 foot pounds. We actually sell these torque wrenches at That's good. Pull the extension out of the sock plug socket. I'm gonna install a new coil. Just slide it in. Make sure the seal's on there. Press it down. Take the 10 millimeter bolt. Get that started. All right. We're gonna torque this bolt to 62 inch pounds, and then reconnect this connector. Just line it up. Lock it in. We'll do the same with the other three.

All right. Before we try to install this intake, what I'm gonna do is take the throttle body off so that it'll make it easier to install the intake. The other thing is, we could've taken this throttle body off before we took the intake out. That would've made it easier taking it out as well. I'll take some eight millimeter socket and a ratchet and take these four bolts out. Take this last bolt out. We can pull the throttle body off. Before I instill the intake. I wanna just clean off this surface right here. You can use a rag. You can use a little bit of brake clean. Just get it nice and clean. I also wanna take some compressed air and spray it in the intake port, get any dust or dirt out of there that fell in. Before we install this intake, you wanna keep in mind that you should replace this gasket, this throttle body gasket, and then also these gaskets down here. This intake manifold gasket should be replaced.

Now we're gonna install the intake manifold. Slide this up. Here. Just keep in mind this wiring harness gave us a little bit of trouble when taking it out. Just try to fish it in behind the harness. Then line it up. Once it's in the correct location, we can install the bolts. We'll get these bolts started. We're gonna get them all started before we start tightening them down. Then we have five other bolts from down below here. Get those started. These are all 10 millimeter bolts. All right. Get those bolts in and started. I'm gonna snug these down with a 10 millimeter socket and a extension and a ratchet. We're gonna try to go evenly from the center and work our way out. Just snug these down.

Once those are all snug down, we can move to these top two and tighten these top bolts up. Just snug these down as well. Then snug that one down. I'm gonna reconnect this hose right here. Use our needle nose pliers, move the clamp back into position. Do the same with this hose right here. Slide that on there. Reposition the clamp. I'm gonna reinstall our throttle body. Just line it up with the holes. Take the bolts and get them all started. Now we're gonna tighten these down with a eight millimeter socket and a ratchet. Snug those down. We're gonna take these coolant hoses and we'll hook these back up to the throttle body. Line this one up right here. Just slide it on. This one goes right here. It's pretty hard to mix them up, 'cause they generally want to go to a certain spot. There's a little bracket right here that the hoses go into. We'll put the clamps on.

All right. We'll take our needle nose pliers and reposition the clamps in the correct location and same with this clamp. We'll just stick that there. We're gonna install this electrical connector for the throttle body. Just line it up. Lock it in place. Now we're gonna take this evap hose. Line this back into place over here. Then slide the tube back on, back in position. I'm gonna use my needle nose pliers to squeeze the clamp and then work it on to this purge solenoid. All right. Next, we're gonna install this wiring harness. One thing I forgot to mention, when you're installing the intake, you wanna keep this harness to the side 'cause it can get stuck underneath there. Then you'll have to remove the intake again. Take this harness. Line this up. There's a little hole for that retainer. Then line the connector up and plug it in. Reinstall the dipstick.

Next we're gonna install this air box and snorkel. Line this up over here, over the throttle body. Then we'll ... we're gonna angle the air box to be able to get in the grooves in the back. Once that's lined up, you can clip this in. Take this hose, slide that hose on that little fitting down that. I'll take some needle nose pliers and move this clamp down to the proper location. Take a straight blade screwdriver and we'll tighten this worm clamp down on the snorkel. Just snug. Take this wiring harness, remember also when you were putting the intake on, make sure this harness didn't go underneath the intake. Then we'll clip it in here. We'll lock it into the mass airflow sensor.

All right. After you do the spark plugs, now we're gonna start the car. It might run a little bit rough when you first start the car. It might have to stabilize. Then once it's idling good, should be good to go.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 8mm Socket
  • 10mm Socket

  • Sockets - SAE

  • 9/16 Inch Spark Plug Socket

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