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How to Replace Side View Mirrors 2000-06 GMC Yukon

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Created on: 2020-03-31

Watch this video to learn how to install a new side view mirror on your 2000-06 GMC Yukon.

Take this panel off. Just gonna use a trim tool. Just get behind here, pry it out, and then up this little clip right there, those two little pins. Take this cover off next. Just get under here. And there's some clips. There should be a clip right there, looks like it broke before. And then this slides out. Take this little cover off. You could use either this trim tool or even a small screwdriver. Now, take the trim tool, get under here and just push it out a little bit. Pry it and then it's gonna slide towards the back. There's a pin right there, two little clips right there. And just use a trim tool. Get under here and just pry this out. It's just a push pin, just like that. Now we're gonna take these two bolts out. Just move this lock rod to the back. There's a bolt right here and a bolt right here. Use a 7-millimeter socket. Take that bolt out and this one. The lower one is the longer one. Take this bolt out. Use a T20 socket.

Now, just grab the door panel. You want to slide up and then come out slightly. You don't wanna break any of those clips. And it's gonna be hard to see, but you have to reach to grab the wires. Disconnect the wires for the window switch. And over here, push down, this is like a ratchet retainer. While this is in there there's a little button right there you push and then you ratchet this down and it disconnects that. And one more connector. And these all have push pins or push retainers, push locks. Just push all those down. Over here just pull this light socket out. Just pull it towards the vehicle. And carefully, there's a bulb right there. And pull the door panel off. And take this wire out. You might have to pull the vapor barrier back a little bit. There's some retainers right here and right here. Just use a trim tool. Pop these wires off. Sometimes they break like that. That's okay. And take these nuts off. Use a 10-millimeter socket. When I go to take the last one off, just make sure you support the mirror from falling. It should stay in. Should be retained by those, but just for safety. All right. Grab the mirror from the outside and slide it through. Put the wire through and there we go.

So, the new mirror generally comes black just like that. You could leave it like that if you wanted to or you could swap this piece over from the old one or you could even paint it to match the vehicle. To take this off, what I'm gonna do is take the glass off first. Take a straight blade screwdriver, get behind here. These are clipped in, could always use a pick to try to unhook these. And then this front cover is snapped in, so just take the trim tool. Just pry in here. When you do that, try to unlatch it right there. That one broke a little bit. And just slide it over. For this one, use the screwdriver, pop that off, and just slide over a little more. There is some adhesive tape on here. Same on here. Slide that off. When taking this off, these old tabs are gonna break most likely. You can be careful and try to do it the way we did it. But for the most part, they break. What you can do is use double-sided tape, just clean up this area and re-adhere it to the new one.

With the new mirror, there's these little protectors. Take those off and take the wires, fish them through the hole and slide through. And take the nut, get the nut started. All right. And tighten these up. Snug those up. That's good. Gonna re-secure this wire with wire ties. All right. And re-secure the vapor barrier. Put this insulation back in. And connect the connectors.

That's good. Take this light, slide that back in position. That's good. All right. Line the door panel back up. And you actually have to move this lock rod towards the outside of the door. With that all lined up, then you can push it down. Just make sure it's in all the way around. Put these screws back in. Get that started. Tighten it up. And then put the screw that goes right there. This is the smaller one. Get that one started and I'll get this longer one started. And tighten these up. And push this push pin back there. This cover is gonna go over here. Pop that back on. Pop this cover on, slide it over the handle. Put the front in first, down, and push it in. This lock is gonna go...you have to move the locker out again. Move it to the unlock. Slide this front end first, lock it into place. Make sure it works. And this last piece of trim right here. Line it up, lock it in place.

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