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How To Replace Seek Volume Radio Control Switch 2000-06 Chevy Tahoe

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How To Replace Seek Volume Radio Control Switch 2000-06 Chevy Tahoe

Created on: 2021-01-16

This video shows you how to install a new volume and seek radio switch on your 2000-06 Chevy Tahoe.

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All right. We wanna disconnect the battery, disconnect the negative cable. Use an 8-millimeter ratchet wrench or a wrench and slide that out of the way. You wanna wait a couple of minutes before you take the airbag off to let the airbag module power down. Now, on the side of the steering wheel. There's two little pinholes. You need to take a blunt object or a straight pick and just push.

You should be able to release the airbag. You have to do one side at a time just like that. Do the same on the other side. It might take some practice to do this. There we go. And then slide the airbag up to disconnect the connectors, there's two little tabs you squeeze. Slide that out. Do the same with that one. And then place the airbag somewhere with the airbag facing up.

So, when you're using the pick and you're sliding it into the little pinhole, you're trying to push that little rod to the side to release the airbag. It's the same on both sides. Disconnect the horn circuit. You're just gonna grab this white tab, push it in a little bit and then twist it to the right, so clockwise, and then slide it out just like that. And then disconnect this connector right here. You can use a little pick tool. Get underneath this lock and just slide it out.

Now, I'm gonna loosen up this nut. I'm going to use a 21-millimeter socket. Just hold the steering wheel. You don't want to do this on the steering wheel lock and loosen it just like that. All right. Before I take the nut all the way off, I just wanna grab the steering wheel and just rock it back and forth. There we go. The reason you leave the nut on there is so that it doesn't smash in the face while you're doing this, and then you can take the nut off.

And if you have to, you can always use a puller. They make special adapters for a puller. And just slide it off, slide the wires through. All right. Now, flip the steering wheel over. On the backside, there's two screws. Use a T20 to take these screws out. Grab this cover and just slide it off. All right. We wanna loosen up these wires, this little retainer in there. Use some needle nose pliers and just squeeze the tabs on the retainer and hold them. You can slide that through just like that. That's how it works.

Now, we're gonna remove this switch from the backside. Just take a blunt object or a screwdriver and just push it through. You might have to loosen up the slack on the wires. Push down on this little tab, disconnect the connector, slide it off. Take the new switch, line it up, and push it back in position. Now, we're gonna take the wiring harness and just reposition it the way it was.

And take that retainer, slide that back through so it's locked in. Now, you can take the cover and slide it over. Take those two screws, put the screws back in and get these started, and snug them up. All right. Now, I'll take the steering wheel, slide the wires through this middle part right here. And there is an arrow and a little key for which way the steering wheel goes, you want to line that all up. And put the nut back on.

And I'll snug this up first, and then we'll torque it. Now, we're gonna torque this nut to 29 foot-pounds. Now, I'll connect this connector. Just line it up, lock it in place, then take the horn and just slide that in position. You shouldn't have to twist it, you should just be able to push it down. And that seems good.

Take the airbag, line up the connectors, lock it in, and just line it up. Push it on till it clicks. Make sure it seems good. Now, we can hook up the battery. Just line it up and get it started, and snug it up. Just make sure it's not loose. Looks good.

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