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How to Replace Rear Shock 2000-13 GMC Yukon

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How to Replace Rear Shock 2000-13 GMC Yukon

Created on: 2020-04-01

Watch this video to learn how to install new rear shock absorbers on your 2000-06 GMC Yukon.

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I'm gonna take the center cap off, use a straight blade screwdriver. Take that off. Use a 22-millimeter socket, take off the lug nuts. Take the wheel off. I'm just gonna use a screw jack and support the rear axle. I'm gonna loosen this up. I'm gonna use a 21-millimeter socket and a breaker bar. And I put a wrench on this side and braced it up against the axle just make to sure you get underneath the ABS wiring harness. There you go. You got the bolt out.

Now I want to take this top bolt out. On the inside, I'm gonna use a 21-millimeter socket and an extension and just go from the backside of the frame. I'll just try to get on onto the nut and the outside, I'll use a 21-millimeter socket. I'm just gonna pull back on the shield a little bit. All right. So I got the nut off. I'm just trying to get the socket off and just move the shock around, try to get the bolt out. You might need a pry bar and I'm just gonna pry it out. And then you gotta use the pry bar up top as well.

All right, slide the old one out. Take the new shock and you just want to exercise it. Just compress it. Do this three times. Take your new shock, slide it in position. Get the bolt in. Then you can get the nut on up top, just put it in the socket. Then you just get it started. Before I tighten that up, line the lower bolt and nut up. You can lower the rear suspension down a little bit to get this to line up. Slide the bolt through. Put the nut on. Now I'm gonna torque that bolt to 70 foot-pounds. And do the same on the bottom one, 70-foot pounds. Lower the screw jack and reinstall the wheel. Put the lug nuts on. Now I'm gonna torque these lug nuts to 140-foot pounds in a star pattern to tighten the wheel down evenly. You can just go around again, double-check. Then reinstall the center cap.

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