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How to Replace Rear Exterior Door Handle 00-07 Volvo V70

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How to Replace Rear Exterior Door Handle 00-07 Volvo V70

Created on: 2021-01-16

This video from 1A Auto shows you, step by step, how to replace the exterior door handle of your 01-07 Volvo V70. Check it out!

  1. step 1 :Removing the Rear Door Panel
    • Use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove the six door panel clips
    • Use a small flat blade screwdriver and a trim tool to remove the plastic cover from the upper armrest base panel handle mounting screw
    • Use a T25 Torx screwdriver to remove the mounting screw
    • Grab the door panel and lift it up
    • To remove the attached cable, gently pull apart the clips securing it
    • To disconnect the main switch connector, push down on the connector tab to pull it out
  2. step 2 :Removing the Exterior Door Handle
    • Remove the vapor barrier
    • Remove the T25 bolt on the side edge of the door to move the window guide aside
    • Remove the two 10 mm nuts to remove the door handle mounting plate inside the door
    • Pull the handle out
    • Disconnect the door latch rod from the door handle
  3. step 3 :Installing the Exterior Door Handle
    • Install the door latch rod into the door handle
    • Install the door handle into the door
    • Install the door handle mounting bracket onto the door handle studs
    • Install the two 10 mm nuts onto the mounting studs
    • Install the T25 screw to secure the window guide
    • Install the vapor barrier
  4. step 4 :Installing the Rear Door Panel
    • Reinsert the inner handle cable by lining it up with the door panel and snapping it in place
    • Reconnect the window switch connector
    • Push the window lock down and guide the cable back inside before lining up the door panel and pushing it back in place
    • Make sure the door panel clips and mounting hole are lined up before reinserting the six door panel clips (make sure each clip is pushed out before inserting)
    • Use a T25 Torx screwdriver to reinsert the upper armrest base panel handle mounting screw
    • Use the mounting screw plastic cover guides to line up the cover and snap it back into place

Tools needed for replacement

  • General Tools

    Razor Blade / Gasket Scraper

  • Screwdrivers & Related

    Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

    Complete Metric Socket Set

  • Specialty Tools

    Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

    T25 Driver

Installation Video
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Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

Hi, everyone. Sue here from 1A Auto. Today, I'm going to show you on a '04 Volvo V70, how to remove the exterior door handle on the back passenger door. If you need any parts for your car, click on the link below and head on over to

These clips are a pushpin, you just push in the center. That's the first stage, and then you can just pop it out. That's what it looks like. To reinstall it, you push that pin in out all the way like that, then you can put it in and flatten it out. So we're going to take all the pins all the way around that hold the panel on. There's two on the inner side of the panel, so don't forget those. There's two on the bottom. Then, the two on the side. We're going to take this plastic cover off, and underneath it should be a mounting screw of some sort. I just use a pocket screwdriver because you've got to get something real thin in there, and then I'll use the body tool and pop that out. As you can see, it's a torque spit head on that mounting screw, and this is a T25. I'm just going to back that right out. Now, we can just grab the panel, we're going to raise it up off of the top window ledge, and the lock button, you can push it down to help, just lift it up like that.

So to pop this cable off, there's two clips right here, one on the top, one on the bottom. Just going to kind of spread those and pull out at the same time. That comes right off. Then, when you have the connector for the main switch for the back window. Sorry, not the main switch, but the back switch. See that tab right there, push down on that, pull that out. Now, we have the panel.

Going to take off the insulation, and it has glue from the factory as you can see. It's like a foam glue, so we're just going to peel that back. Try not to break the actual insulation. I switched over to a razor blade trying to stop any tears, unwanted tears. Okay, I'm going to remove this torx bit bolt, it's a T25. That way, I can ... It's the guide for the side of the window that goes down into the door. Now, I have an extension on my 10 millimeter socket. I'm going to go on the inner one first, because it's the hardest one, and I don't want to have that handle flopping around. Now, we undid that guide bolt so that I can move this plastic piece around. It's made of plastic, so I don't want to put pressure on it with it bolted. You're just going to put a little bit of pressure on it to get to that mounting nut.

I suppose you could use a wrench if you don't have a torx bit to take that guide off. Then, I'm going to get to the second. The only thing holding this handle in is this plate, and it has one rod on it for the actual latch from the outside. Now, I can remove the mounting plate, which is a steel bracket right here. There's the two mounted holes. Now, with it disconnected from the inside, I'm going to grasp it and pull the handle out towards me. The plastic seal was stuck to the car, that's how old it is. So now I have access to this rod, and I'm going to just guide that right around like that. Here's our handle.

To reinstall the handle, we're going to reverse the procedure. I'm going to put that through that guided like that. Push the latch down so that it can go up in. Now, we go to the inside. So we're going to guide this top piece so the cut out, the one with the pin goes on the bottom, and the full cut out without the tab goes on the top. You're going to need to hold the handle from the outside with your other hand, bring this up in there, line up the studs, and guide them in. Grab one of the mounting nuts, put the outer one on first, because I can easy access that. Then, start the other one.

Now, with my 10 millimeter socket, I'm going to snug this mounting bracket up. Do the last one. Now, we're ready to mount the guide back on the outside of the door jamb. Line up the hole and start the screw. That's a T25 bit. Snug it right down. I'm going to carefully guide this back through the bracket here. Get it to fall into place, it wants to fall into place naturally. It just seems to automatically stick back to that adhesive, that white foam. So now we're going to reinstall the inner handle cable. It's got this plastic piece that just lines right up perfectly flat, square, and just snap it in.

Now, we can connect the electrical connector, that's for the window switch. I'm going to put the lock down all the way, see if I can guide my cable back in to the plastic. Put that into the whole, and you'll see that ridge line up here. Put your panel right into that ridge line, nice and firm, and then push down. Confirm that my mounting hole lines up, and it does. All my six pins line up. I'm going to put the pins in first, that is to make sure that divot piece is extended out, not in. Show you how to do these all the way around. Guide it into place with that pin out, and then you push the pin in until it's flush, like that. Do that to all six of them. That's the last pin, and now we're ready to install the mounting bolt. It's located in the handle. So it's a T25, tighten that right up, and put the plastic protective cover on. You have two plastic guides, see how it sits. So it goes down and that way, snaps right into place.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Razor Blade / Gasket Scraper

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

  • Complete Metric Socket Set

  • Specialty Tools

  • Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

  • T25 Driver

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