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How to Replace Outer Tail Light 2013-15 Nissan Sentra

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How to Replace Outer Tail Light 2013-15 Nissan Sentra

Created on: 2021-01-16

Watch this video to learn how to install a new taillight housing on your 2013-15 Nissan Sentra.

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There's a trim clip right here, right here, and right here. I'm just gonna use an interior tool, interior trim tool to remove these clips. There should be a trim clip right here, just remove that one and then remove this one over here as well. And then just grab this panel. This panel is clipped in right there, right there, and right there. All right. Slide this panel out of the way. Take this wire retainer out of the way. Slide that out, then use a 10-millimeter socket to take these two nuts off. Disconnect the connector. Just push down on the tab. Just use a pocket screwdriver if you need to. Push down on the tab, slide it up. And there's a rubber grommet right here, just try to push that through. Just like that. I'm gonna grab the tail light. Just try to pull it out. Sometimes you need to use a trim tool to try to pop this out. Just be careful. You don't wanna scratch the paint. And slide it out. Take these out.

Normally, these are test bulbs, so you wanna throw those out. Put some new bulbs in and slide that in position. Take this one out, or you can swap them from your old one. Slide the wire through here. You can push the rubber grommet through. That's good. Now, there's a pin right here. I'm gonna slide that there and then there's a little tab right here. I'm gonna make sure that's lined up. And just give it a push. And that's good. Take the two nuts, get those started, tighten those down. Take this wire retainer, just put it over that stud, and reconnect the connector. Slide this panel back in place. Reinstall the push pins and right there and right there also. Now, line this trim panel up. All right. It might be a little bit tricky and then take the pushpin, put the pushpin in on this side and on that side.

2013 - 2015  Nissan  Sentra
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