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How to Replace Lug Nuts 2002-09 Dodge Ram Truck 1500

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How to Replace Lug Nuts 2002-09 Dodge Ram Truck 1500

Created on: 2020-09-30

This video shows you how to easily replace the wheel lug nuts on your 2002-2009 Dodge Ram 1500.

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Okay friends, to get started on the lug nut, the first thing I wanna talk about is safety and hand protection. With that said, let's go ahead and start removing it using a 22 millimeter socket. Turn it counterclockwise to remove it completely. There it is. All right, let's compare it to our new one. You wanna make sure you have the same beveled area right there. One's not flat, and the other is beveled like this. We got approximately the same pitch, and, of course, the same size. This looks great. Go ahead and start it on. We'll bottom it out, and then we'll torque it to manufacturer's specifications. Let's go ahead and torque it to 130 foot-pounds. The process will be the same for all the rest.

Obviously, this is for if you were replacing just one lug nut. But if you were gonna be replacing them all, well, you could, of course, just jack up the wheel off the ground, take them all off, reinstall all the new lug nuts, and then go ahead and lower it down a little bit, and then torque them all.

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