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How to Replace Lower Tail Light 01-04 Volvo V70

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How to Replace Lower Tail Light 01-04 Volvo V70

Created on: 2019-07-23

Check out this video from 1A Auto! Learn how to replace the lower tail lights in your 01-07 Volvo V70.

  1. step 1 :Removing the Lower Tail Lights
    • Pry out the cargo light and disconnect the electrical connector
    • Remove the T25 screw to remove the center upper trim panel
    • Remove the T25 screw to remove the upper side trim
    • Remove the 10 mm bolt to loosen the lower side trim
    • Remove the lower corner access panel
    • Pull the side trim away from the window line
    • Remove the rear corner trim
    • Pull the red tab and then push in to remove the speaker from the rear pillar
    • Disconnect the upper tail light electrical connector
    • Remove the two 10 mm upper tail light nuts
    • Push the upper tail light assembly out from the inside
    • Remove the three 10 mm lower tail light nuts
    • Pull out the lower tail light assembly
    • Disconnect the electrical connector
  2. step 2 :Installing the Lower Tail Lights
    • Reconnect the lower tail light electrical connector
    • Insert the lower tail light assembly into position
    • Reinstall the three 10 mm lower tail light nuts
    • Insert the upper tail light assembly into position
    • Install the two 10 mm upper tail light assembly nuts
    • Reconnect the upper tail light assembly electrical connector
    • Reinstall the speaker
    • Reinstall the corner trim piece
    • Reinstall the lower side trim
    • Reinstall the 10 mm lower side trim bolt
    • Reinstall the top side trim
    • Reinstall the top side trim T25 screw
    • Reinstall the corner access panel
    • Reinstall the center upper trim
    • Reinstall the center upper trim T25 screw
    • Reconnect the cargo light electrical connector
    • Reinstall the cargo light
    • The removal and installation instructions can be repeated for the other side

Tools needed for replacement

  • Ratchets & Related

    Socket Extensions


  • Screwdrivers & Related

    Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

    10mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

    Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

    T25 Driver

Installation Video
Watch video

Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

Hey, everyone, Sue here from 1A Auto and today on our '03 Volvo V70 I'm going to be installing the tail lamp assembly that we got from 1A Auto. If you need this part or any other parts of your car, click on the link below. Head on over to Open your tailgate to access the rear end of the car. In the rear wagon, cargo lamp is located right in the center of the hatch on the inner trim piece. I like to take a small screwdriver and I'm going to use a couple of tools here.

I'm going to pry it with that, but then I take my body trim piece and I can wedge that right up in there, and then I can kindly pull it down, and then there you have the bulb access and the lamp. To discard it, just push down on that green tab on the connector and then we have the lamp assembly. Now with the dome light down you've accessed the mounting screw for this back panel. It's a T25, and you're just going to pull that bolt right out. Grab our body tool trim tool and pull down on it. There we go.

Then we have another T25 right here. This was the right rear window area, it's the upper trim. We're going to do the same with this. I'm going to grab it and just pull it down. Set that aside. So right behind the passenger seat on the right side quarter, there's a bolt inside this spot. Looks like it's the holder for the back screen of the hatch. It's a 10 millimeter socket, and discard that bolt. So you've just got to really grab this from and pull. I'm just going to grab this access panel, put this aside so that I can get in here. That's an extra protector for the bulbs.

So now that I've taken that bolt out, before I can pull the tail piece out, I have to disconnect this piece. So it's just pull it like that and there's the panel access and now I can take this cover completely out and discard that.

So now that the trim piece was out of the way, we have access to our top tail light assembly. So first thing we're going to do is move this little tweeter speaker, grab the red tab that's also a lock, pull it out, and then on this tab, push it in, not down. When you push it in, the ear piece goes down. Then you have two little lineup ears that hang down there. Let your speaker hang down and now you can see the access nuts. You have one here and one up there. We're going to disconnect the electrical connector first.

So I'm going to grab the tab, it's this facing this side and it's pushing on that. They actually have a little access window here. I wonder if I can get at it. It's kind of tight in there. If you can push in on that tab, and then pull the harness out. That was pretty easy. So the mounting nut in a 10 millimeter socket. I'll loosen that one, then I'll get the top one, loosen that. I don't need the ratchet anymore. Move one nut, then the second one. There's your second. You have these two little plastic ears, these little plastic tabs, and we're just going to squeeze them when we push the lens in the out position, and there it is.

Now that you have the upper lamp assembly removed, the manufacturer says that that must be removed in order to move and pull out the lower tail lamp assembly. There's three mounting nuts and the 10 millimeter socket. There's one in this access hole. There's one right here on the outer edge, and then the last one, it's right here in this access hole. Perfect.

Now we're ready to grab the assembly and slide it out. I'm just going to grab it firmly and just give it a pull back. Here we go. Now with that pulled out like that, I have access to the connector and I can see that the tab's on the bottom, I'm going to push down on that tab and pull the connector out. Push down on this tab, and then we have our tail lamp assembly.

So now to reassemble it, you're going to reverse procedure. I'm going to take my connector, the lock was facing downward. Point it up, lock it in, guide the mounting bolts. You can see them, the tabs. Push that in, make sure the seal sits all the way around. Now we install the nuts. I'm going to put the easiest one then my hand can actually grab and I'm going to utilize my socket and hope that I don't drop it. And the last one is on the top in this hole.

Now we can snug these up, and I say snug because of the plastic assembly. Perfect. To install the top, we're going to line up, there's a little ear tab here and there's a slotted plastic guide, so we're going to line that up and just slide it right in. You've got a top piece up there, make sure that goes in also. This has two mounting nuts. One is out in the open, that's this one. I'm going to install that by hand. Then I'm going to slide it onto the stud and put it on by hand. Once again, just snug it. It is a plastic assembly. Don't forget to plug the tail lamp assembly in. Here we have the plug and the pin. The lock pin is facing in towards the door, lock it down.

Now we can replace our little back speaker. Put this in the two tabs here. You've got to turn it around the correct way. Line the two little tabs up with the guided holes, and just push it down. Hear it lock, push in the red lock tab. To reinstall the corner trim piece you've got to pull down on this anchor, it's spring loaded so you use one hand and guide that down. Then I'm going to pull back on the side panel. Now I can reline up everything here. There's tabs along the outside trim here, just push on it. You'll hear them snap into place. Got one here, push that in.

Now we're free to connect the side panel. I'm going to remount that. There's a bolt back there, that is a 10 millimeter socket. Snug that up. There we go. Now we have a top trim piece. So you can see the guide tabs and the actual, there is two round tube style holes that are going to clip right into there and then the long pin goes up in there. I like to guide that in first, then I'll guide the back pin in. There we go.

There is a torque screw that's a T25 that goes right in here. So the molded form, it's like an insulator for the back assembly. You can see the little cutout of the ears in the pattern in that side panel. Let's guide it in that way first, line up those tabs and then we can push it right into the plastic. It's in there, nice and firm. Then the last panel, we've got two ear tabs on the bottom here that go down on the floor panel and then just push it, it locks into place.

Now we're going to install the piece on the tailgate in the center. First thing I'm going to do is put that wire through so that I can use that plug in the dome light. Guide these up in the plastic trim, and then just give it a good snap up.

Now this has a little screw that goes in the center here, and it's a torque's head T25. Now we're going to plug in the rear cargo light, snap that in place, and you can see the tabs on this. So there's two little tabs on there by electrical end and then the pushups. So we're going to guide it in this way and then snap it up.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Ratchet

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 10mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

  • Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

  • T25 Driver

2001 - 2004  Volvo  V70
2003 - 2004  Volvo  XC70

01-04 Volvo V70, XC70 Lower Taillight PAIR

Volvo V70 XC70 Lower 2 Piece Tail Light Set TYC

Part Details:

  • 2 Piece
  • Features and Benefits
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