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How to Replace Lower Intermediate Steering Shaft 2007 - 2017 Ford Expedition

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How to Replace Lower Intermediate Steering Shaft 2007 - 2017 Ford Expedition

Created on: 2020-12-10

This video shows you how to install a new steering shaft on your 2007-2017 Ford Expedition.

What we need to do is disconnect your negative battery terminal. Now, from inside the truck, we're gonna tie up the steering wheel so there's no way it can spin on us. On the driver's side near your oil dipstick but below your master cylinder for your brakes, you're gonna find the pinch bolt for your steering shaft. Remove that pinch bolt. Now, typically, if you were to follow this steering shaft down, you're gonna be able to find the lower pinch bolt as well. You can also get this from underneath the truck. All right. To get to this lower bolt, I went up and over that lower radiator hose, and then, of course, I made a little contraption with some swell bolts. Let's remove that pinch bolt. Before we go ahead and get the steering shaft off of here, just pay quick attention to the orientation of it. Make sure when you put the new one on, it's facing in the same direction. Now, from up top, let's go ahead and use a hammer and just kinda give this a couple of loving bonks, and hopefully, break it free. I'm just gonna spread the ear on this and give it a couple of bonks. There it is, friends.

Before we can install our brand new steering shaft, let's make sure we clean down the existing shafts that are still on the vehicle. After you get that cleaned up, go ahead and apply a thin amount of lubricant on there. Okay, friends, now it's time to install our brand, new intermediate steering shaft. I'm gonna start with the lower aspect and put it right onto that steering rack. All right. Now that we have the lower part on, let's put in that pinch bolt just a little bit, and then we'll put in the top. Now that we have that in, let's go ahead and put in the upper one. Okay. Now that the steering shaft is up on there, let's go ahead and start in the bolts. We're gonna torque this upper bolt to 35 foot-pounds and the lower bolt to 22 foot-pounds. Let's get our negative battery terminal back on here. Now, let's untie our steering wheel and, of course, we always suggest to make sure you get yourself a four-wheel alignment any time you do any type of suspension or steering work.

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