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How to Replace Ignition Wire 00-07 Ford Focus

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  1. step : Removing the Ignition Wires (0:18)
    • Remove the throttle cable retaining clip
    • Remove the throttle cable end from the grommet
    • Remove the cruise control cable end from the throttle post
    • Remove each cable housing end from the bracket
    • Set the cables aside
    • Twist and pull up to remove the spark plug end of each ignition wire
    • If the ignition coil is not numbered, number the cables according to cylinder beforehand
  2. step : Installing the Ingnition Wires (2:32)
    • Apply dielectric grease to the boot of each spark plug end of the ignition wires
    • Insert the shortest ignition wire spark plug end into the spark plug well nearest the ignition coil
    • Repeat with the remaining cables according to their length
    • Remove the old ignition cables from the ignition coil
    • Insert the ignition cables where the cylinders are numbered 4, 3, 2, 1, with 4 being the closest to the ignition coil
    • Route the cables neatly, and install the included retaining clips
    • Insert the throttle and cruise control cable housing ends into the brackets
    • Attach the cruise control cable to the throttle post
    • Attach the throttle cable end over the grommeted post
    • Install the throttle cable retaining clip

Hi everyone. Sue here from 1A Auto and today we have a 2001 Ford Focus with the 2.0 dual overhead cam in the shop and I'm just going to show you how to change your plug wires. So let's do it.

... cover off. So we're going to remove the plug wires. I'm going to remove the throttle cable and the cruise control cable. If you look back here, this cable is held on with this little c-clamp. It's like a c-clip, lock clip. A pair of needle nose, I'm going to grab onto that, just pull it out, see. Place it someplace safe, and then all you got to do is just pull this off that pulley. A little piton. Like that. And then this one simply comes off by squeezing it forward.

Once you've taken it, the banjo style one, off of the rubber bushing and under the slide clip, you're just going to grab firmly and kind of pull it up. It comes right out. Same with this one, just gab it and pull out. Now that rubber piece, the grommet, will fit through, just wedge it through, pull the cable right up. Now you can just follow your cable and undo any brackets or clips where it's attached. Just get it out of your way.

Now we're going to remove the spark plug wires. That was pretty easy. Just twist and pull up at the same time. These are all great times that you can take a good visual of your parts that are additional to what you're doing. When you see oil like that on your spark plug wires, they need to be replaced because what happens in there, the petroleum of oil will break things down and it breaks this rubber down. And eventually that spark is going to find its fastest way out. And that's not going to be on the spark plug, it's going to be off the side of this boot and you're going to have a running condition and misfire.

So here we have our new plug wires and it comes with a little bit of silicone gel pack. All wires, 90% of them, do. So I'm just going to put a little bit at each tip where the spark plugs meet on all four wires. There it is. And I want it to be on the contact. So See how it's all inside the cylinder hole. We'll go with that. So shortest one, I'm going to say that's going to be the closest cylinder right here, which is cylinder four so I'm going to pop that right down till I hear it click. The next one is the next shortest one and I'm going to alter the angle of the plug wires. It's that one.

We're going to come over to our coil and this one has been marked for us, so that's nice. If you didn't have one that's marked then mark it on a piece of paper or some people put a Sharpie on the back of the wires here. You follow it and trace it. Place one, two, three, four. This one has been done. See how it says four here, two there. They marked it with lines and a single one line there. They got a lot of silicone on that end so I don't have to add any. So here we have number four, that's the shortest one that's going to go right here. Push down. So on the three is right here, and I'm going to run that wire over. Click it in. So number two is going to run down to the back here. And then thee is only one. I'm going to run it right up through here.

Now this package came with new plug wire clips. It's pretty important to keep your plug wires separated and not overlapping and touching. In the old days they told us that that would actually interfere with the spark. So I'm going bring this underneath. Keep it separated. It makes it look clean, too. Snap this. Now we're going to put our cruise control and our throttle cable back on. It's actually the kick down cable. I do believe it's the shifter kick down. So that one's going to go on this notch that's right here. Lock it in. This is going to get pushed in like that.

Then we have the throttle cable. Same thing. Run that down. Now see the rubber boot stuck to the actual throttle. I couldn't get that off so I don't want to damage it. So I'm actually going get some silicone spray and I'm going to spray this square so I can get it to squeeze in a little bit easier. Flathead screwdriver to help.

Perfect. Now I'm going to spray that little grommet. Hopefully I can get this to slide, snap right down. Yep. Perfect. You can see this little cable burr. He does need a new throttle cable. That's a good sign that needs it, but it's not here yet. So I'm just going to show you how to take one off and put it back on. And once it gets there, I'll replace it. So here is our c-lock. It's a little clamp like. that's going to go right there. Good to go.

Thanks for watching. Visit 1aauto.Com. Your place for DIY auto repairs for great parts, great service, and more content.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Dielectric Grease
  • Silicone Spray

  • Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

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