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How to Replace Front Window Regulator 15-19 Ford F-150

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Created on: 2017-05-18

How to repair, install, fix, change or replace a slow, stuck, cracked or damaged window regulator on 16 and 17 Ford F150

  1. step 1 :Removing the Door Panel
    • Pry off the sail panel
    • Pry off the door pull trim
    • Pry off the trim underneath the door pull
    • Remove the 7mm screw from the top right
    • Remove the two 7mm screws on the bottom of the panel
    • Remove the four 7mm screws in the center of the panel
    • Pry out the door panel with a door panel clip tool or putty knife
    • Lift the door panel up and off
    • Disconnect the wiring harnesses
  2. step 2 :Removing the Speaker
    • Remove the four 7mm bolts from the speaker
    • Disconnect the wiring harness
    • Pinch the tabs and pull the speaker
  3. step 3 :Removing the Window Glass
    • Carefully peel the water shield
    • Pry the window switch up and out of the door panel
    • Connect the switch
    • Raise the window up so the tabs can be accessed
    • Pry off the window weatherstrip
    • Press the tab and lift the window up and out of the regulator
    • Repeat on the other two tabs
    • Push the window up
    • Let the regulator arms fall
    • Lower the window a little
    • Tilt the window forward
    • Wedge the window out of the door
  4. step 4 :Removing the Window Regulator
    • Peel off the fabric cover behind the metal bracket
    • Remove the metal clip with a flat blade screwdriver
    • Remove the 10mm bolt and retrieve it with a magnet
    • Remove the 10mm nut behind the white cover
    • Remove the last three 10mm nuts from the regulator
    • Lower the regulator and disconnect the window motor
    • Remove the regulator
  5. step 5 :Installing the Window Regulator
    • Reinstall the regulator
    • Connect the window motor
    • Hand-tighten the 10mm nuts
    • Tighten the 10mm nuts
  6. step 6 :Installing the Window Glass
    • Lower the window onto the regulator
    • Press in the clips to connect the window to the regulator
    • Connect the switch and test the regulator
    • Press on the weather stripping
  7. step 7 :Installing the Speaker
    • Press the speaker into the door
    • Connect the wiring harness
    • Tighten the four 7mm bolts to the speaker
  8. step 8 :Installing the Door Panel
    • Connect the wiring harnesses to the door panel
    • Lift the door panel into place
    • Tighten Push in the door panel clips
    • the four 7mm screws to the center of the panel
    • Tighten the two 7mm screws to the bottom of the panel
    • Tighten the 7mm screw to the top right
    • Press on the trim underneath the door pull
    • Press on the door pull trim
    • Press on the sail panel

Tools needed

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

    7mm Socket

    Duct Tape


    Magnet - Extendable

    Trim Tool Set

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In this video, we're going so show you how to replace the window regulator. This is a 2016 F-150. We're going to show you on the passenger's front side, driver's side front is a similar procedure.

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Here are the items you'll need for this repair.

All right, before we start, it’s always a good idea just to put the window down just in case you hit the lock switch by accident, you don't want to lock yourself out of your truck.

Start up here, and sometimes you can do this by hand. The right tool is a plastic trim tool, go in behind, pop the clips free and you always want to pull straight out on it. Remove it. Now we're going to pull off this trim panel, and there is a little indent right here where you can fit a screwdriver through, and I force it right up and in. And then this is probably the most unnerving part. It takes a lot of force to pull this off, and I'm going to put my thumb here.

Most of the time, the thing's just going to go flying. Then we want to remove this panel in here. You've got to get into this line here. It can be difficult sometimes. You use plastic tools available at 1AAuto to make this easy, and you don't mar up your interior. Pull out on the side a little bit, get this hook in the top. You can see your two clips are there and there, and it comes up and out. Now you have a series of seven 7-millimeter screws. One up here, two here with the large washers, two here, and then there's two down below. One here and one back here. And we're using 7-millimeter socket, ratchet and extension to remove these seven bolts.

Now there's a series of pins that hold the panel in, so you need to pull the panel straight out. I start up at the top corner here because you can grab onto it easy, and again just apply even pressure out and work your fingers down. And the panel kind of comes up and off.

Your door handle, very easy, little tab, pull it down and pull the handle off. And then your power lock, just a tab here, push it in and down. And then your window switch, little tab here, push on it, down, and your panel's off.

Four 7-millimeter bolts hold the speaker in place. We'll remove those. Last one comes out. Little tab on your harness here, push down and disconnect the speaker. Then you'll pull the bottom out first and the speaker comes off.

Carefully peel your water shield from the door. We're going to try and leave, leave all the stuff either on the door, or on the shield itself. Peel it down so you can see in there well. This is a cable-style regulator, which means a cable actuates the up and down movement. A lot of times what happens is that cable breaks or an end breaks off. You hear a popping and then a grinding noise, and your window doesn't move. Usually when they're broken, you can just kind of reach in, lift up your window and move it around. Obviously my regulator is still in good shape, we're just doing this video to show you how to do it.

Take your window. Raise it up. You may want to have somebody help you do this, but there are two tabs that you'll want to position so you can get to them. The position of the window's going to be right about there. We'll show you those two tabs. Remove this window channel.

It's easy enough to see this one. Just take a screwdriver, push on that tab, and then lift your window up out of the regulator. Just like on the front, the best way to get through it is just through this access hole. Just position the window perfectly so you can get in there. Push it with a screwdriver. Unlock the back of the window, and then go to the front. Unlock the front of the window. You can push the window up. Once you have it disconnected, push your regulator things down. Let the window go down. Tilt it forward. That could have been a little bit further. Tilt it forward. Then, you can pull the window up and out.

Behind, you want to carefully peel off this fabric cover and reveal the access hole underneath. Carefully use a screwdriver and remove that clip. You'll have pretty good access to the nut that's in behind here. Best way to get to this front one, take a 10-millimeter socket, put it in place, put your extension on and then go in. If it stays on there, you'll need a stick magnet to get it back anyways. You can retrieve it with a magnet. And if it falls down into the door, it's pretty easy to retrieve. This top hole, hook through and there's another 10-millimeter nut in behind. With a 10-millimeter socket again, ratchet and extension, and your magnet again, get out. Last bolt right here. And now the regulator will come out.

You're still connected so we'll pull out this rail here, and then you can see your connection for the window motor. And we'll press down here. Disconnect the window motor, and bring the regulator out.

All right, reinstall the regulator. Put it down in. Plug the window motor in before we get it too far in. Make sure the top stud comes through. Bottom stud there. Thread this bolt in to hold it in place. The back one: look in behind and get that bottom one in. For the top one in, and then the bottom one goes right in place. And you've got one bolt and four nuts that hold it in place, and they're all 10-millimeter. In this one, take your stick magnet and center it on the nut as best you can. You got the stud, and start it on. And then tighten them all up. Okay, once it's in, make sure this clip is installed. Make sure your wiring is all out of the way so the window can go up and down without binding.

Put the nose down in first. Then make sure you're going to the outside of the regulator. Make sure you have the window properly in the rear channel. You can slide it right down into your regulator, and it snaps in place. Put this seal back in place. This sweep's right against the glass. Turn your key on. Run your window up and down a few times. Make sure nothing's binding. Make sure it all works properly.

Reinstall your speaker. Put the top in first. Then, those two pins go in. Then, use your four seven millimeter screws and install. Tighten these up. You want to get them firm, but not too tight. Don't overtighten them. Reconnect your lead. Just something to keep in mind. There's a large alignment pin here that goes into this hole in the front, here.

Reconnect your window switch first. Then your door lock. Then bring your door handle up. The largest alignment pins in the front, there's a large hole in the door, put your panel up. Get your lock through, and then you need to push the top of the panel, pull the bottom out, push the top of the panel down on until that alignment tab goes in. Then you can look right back in here, and you'll see a tab here, go down until that tabs in place. Then pretty much everything should line right up.

Activate all the clips. Ones with the large washers, go right where you door pull is. Silver ones with the smaller washers, go down underneath the door handle, or the door pull. And then the black ones: one goes up at the top, and the other two go at the bottom. These are all 7 mm, and we'll tighten them up. Put in the bottom cover first. There's tabs that go at the bottom, and then the locking clips are up top. Then this one cap, goes into the back. Line it up, goes on easy enough. And then the mirror cover.

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