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How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing and Hub 2007-14 Cadillac Escalade

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How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing and Hub 2007-14 Cadillac Escalade

Created on: 2020-05-13

Watch this video to learn how to install a new wheel hub and bearing on your 2007-14 Cadillac Escalade.

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First, we're gonna take the center cap off. I'm gonna use a pry bar. If you don't wanna scratch the wheel, just use a rag. Wrap the pry bar around the rag and slide it out. Use a 22-millimeter socket to take the lug nuts off. Take the wheel off. I'm gonna take the brake caliper off with the bracket. I'm gonna use an 18-millimeter socket and take these bracket bolts out.

Slide this out. Use a brake caliper hanger. There you go. Make sure there's no tension on the brake hose. Now, I'm gonna take the screw out. I'm gonna use a T30 socket. Grab the rotor and slide it off. Take this nut off, use a 36-millimeter socket. And take the washer off. And just make sure that the axle is loose from the hub. You can tap that with a hammer. You should use a punch so that you don't ruin the splines on the axle.

Now, I'm gonna take this ABS harness off of here and use a trim tool, just get underneath here. Disconnect it here. There's a little retainer right there. You can use a pocket screwdriver. There we go. And just push it down, disconnect it. Then you can do the same right here. Slide that up. And then there's another retainer right here, and then just pry it out just like that. If you can squeeze those tabs with some needle-nose pliers, that works too. And that harness is good right there.

Now, the housing of the hub has three holes that are bolted on, so you need to take those bolts out. Those are on the backside of the knuckle. I'm gonna take these bolts out. I'm gonna use a 15-millimeter socket. And there's another one right here. Take those out. Okay. Then just grab the hub and slide it out. And if it doesn't come out that easy, you can take a hammer and just tap it from the backside or even a slide hammer and take the shield off. I'm just gonna take a wire brush to just clean up some of the rust and just use a little anti-seize so it doesn't seize up in there, doesn't rust up in there. Just use a little thin coat on the surface.

And take the dust shield. Make sure you have the ABS wire go through the dust shield first. Line that up and slide it in position. And take the three bolts and get those started. And then I'll take a torque wrench and torque these bolts to 133-foot pounds. There we go. Put the washer back on, put the nut on. Then tighten up the nut and torque it.

I'm gonna use a pry bar in between the lugs to prevent the hub from spinning and torque this nut to 177-foot pounds. It'll check that. There we go. And take the wiring harness and put this back in position, lock it in place. Looks good. Reconnect the connector and push down on the lock and push back in place. Looks good. Just take a little anti-seize and just put a thin coat on just to prevent future rust.

Take the rotor, line it up. Line the hole up with the threaded hole and put the screw in, and just snug it up. It's good. And take the caliper and slide it off the hanger, and slide it over the rotor. Take the bolts. You can put some thread-locking compound on the bolts and get these started. I'm gonna tighten these bolts to 148-foot pounds. Put the wheel back on and the lug nuts.

Now, I'm gonna torque these lug nuts to 140-foot pounds. I'm gonna do it in a cross pattern so it tightens the wheel down evenly. And I'll just go around again and double-check. You're good. Center cap, put it back on. Because we pulled the caliper off, there's gonna be a little air gap between the rotor and the brake pads so just pump the brakes. Make sure you get rid of that air gap and you should be good to go.

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