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How to Replace Front Exterior Door Handle 1999-07 Chevy Silverado

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Created on: 2020-07-17

This video shows you how to install a new exterior door handle on your 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado.

Okay. So, what we need to do first is remove our door panel. Grab yourself a nice plastic trim tool. Come right up along here or even up here and just try to pry this away. You're going to see it's got a couple of little clippy-dos. We're going to move along to this right here. Come down along here with your trim tool, pry up on all this. Disconnect all of your wiring. Just going to use the smallest pocket screwdriver. If you press right here, there's a little piton, and then you can pull this down and remove this as well. Let's get this trim piece off of here as well. Now, if you look right up onto your handle, you're going to see a bolt that's right there. You can either use a 9/32 or even a 7-millimeter socket, whichever you have. Next, we're going to get this little door lock bezel out of the way. I'm just going to use my small pocket screwdriver just to kind of get this started and I'll use my trim tool. Pop it right off. That exposes our screw that's out here as well. Now we're going to remove this little cap right there. You can use anything, a small pocket screwdriver, whatever you've got. Pops right off. Underneath there, you're going to see a T20. Remove this screw. There it is. On the far end, we'll go ahead and remove this push clip as well.

So, now if you feel along the bottom, you're going to find this bolt right here. Once again, either use a 7-millimeter or 9/32. Get that out of there. Go ahead and grab onto your door panel, lift it straight up, and draw it away from your vehicle. Just use your small pocket screwdriver. Come right underneath this area right there, and you should be able to draw the wire out. There we go. The next thing we need to do is get behind this vapor barrier here. You can do this without removing your handle, but for me, it's much easier just to get the handle off and out of the way. That way there, I can peel this right back and have a nice clear view. I'm going to take my small pocket screwdriver. I'm going to pry on this little clip and move it away from the rod. Once I've done that, I can lift up, and now it's unattached. Use your 10-millimeter socket. Remove this bolt. Now we'll just go ahead and grab onto that handle, slide it forward and get it out of the way. Let's carefully pull back on this vapor barrier so we can get right back here. An idea of what's going on inside the door here because it's very hard to see, you're going to have three mounting areas. You're going to find a nut right there, one right here, and one right there. You're also going to find a lock cylinder here that's going to have a little hooky-do that looks like this. That's the lock. When you find that, go ahead and unlock that and pull the rod off and then do the same thing up top here. I'm just going to use my small pocket screwdriver here, grab onto this red lock, and you should be able to pop it right off of there. Just like that.

Now, grab the rod and slides right out. We'll let that hang down. If you were to follow me down this way, you can follow this rod. That's the rod for the actual handle itself. I'm going to remove this side right here because that's going to make it so I'll be able to pull this right out and it'll be much easier in the long run. So I'm just going to use my small pocket screwdriver, see if I can grab onto that, pop it free, and get the rod right off of there. So, now I'm going to have to reach up inside the door panel here and try to find the forward nut. That's this one right here. That's going to be the hardest to get to, so that's going to be the one that I start with. Use your 10-millimeter and get that right off of there. Now, if you look straight through here, you'll see one of your nuts, and then if you were to pop off this little cover right there with a pocket screwdriver, you'll see the other. Carefully use your pocket screwdriver, pop this off. There it is right there. Grab that handle.

Okay. Grab onto this. Pull it right out of there. Now we need to get this rod off of here. I'm just going to go ahead and pull this tab. Pop that off of there. Move this out. Set that aside. Now we're going to grab our new handle. Obviously, I'm not going to put it down on the floor. I don't need to scratch it up. Slide that in. Grab this. You need to make sure you latch it in. That's very important. Okay. So, now it's going to be time to get our lock cylinder out of here. If you were to look at the clip right here, you can come right along there and just kind of pull out on it. At this point, you should be able to push your lock cylinder out. In our case, ours has been in there a very long time and it's stuck there. So, for me personally, I'm going to continue on like this. I'm going to grab this little piece of the clip, see if I can pull it out and around, and just get this clip right out of there. That's going to make things much easier for me. At this point, I'm going to wobble it around and it should want to start pushing out. Almost there. There it is. Now, before we go too much further, let's go ahead and grab our new handle here. It came in this exact same direction. We're going to go ahead and place this right in here like this, and as I push, you'll see this start to lift out and it clips right in. Make sure it's 100% bottomed out and make sure it cannot fall out. This is perfect. Let's get back over to the vehicle.

So, now it's going to be time to put the handle into the truck. I'm going to go ahead and put this long shaft down in there, and then, of course, once I push this all the way in, we're going to put this shaft right into the red, bring this around, and lock it in. That goes right in here like that. I've got my red. Put it in there, lock it in. I heard it click. That's perfect. I'm just going to come down and under like this and it should all just want to slide right into place. That's perfect. Let's go ahead and start putting on these mounting nuts here. Just put it right on my socket. Find my stud. Make sure it's nice and snug. We'll do the same to all. Okay. That's nice and tight. That's all three. Make sure you put this cover back on. Let's go ahead and get our lower shaft on there now. Just kind of place it in. Make sure you latch it in. Here we are. Just going to give that handle a nice tug. I can see it's functioning perfectly. Okay. Let's grab this rod, we're going to go right through this little hole right there. Bring this up, and then we're going to stick it right back to where we got it from. Make sure that you have your bolt holes out in the open. Give that wire a nice little tug. There we are.

If for some reason it's not sticking, you can get yourself some more butyl tape or, of course, you can use other tape if you have that. Now looking at the inside door handle, we can see we have a little hooky-dos. We're going to put this on, slide it in, and then, of course, we'll put in our bolt. Grab this, line those up. Slides right in. Put the rod in there. Make sure it's locked. Okay. Put on the screw. Go ahead and tighten it right up. Let's get this light reconnected. Slides right in. Coming up here, we want to make sure we grab all this wiring, pull it right through like this. Now we've got our handle. It's going to come right through this hole. Now, as we push in the panel, you're going to see you have hooky-dos all coming down along here. You have one here, there, there, and then a couple along the bottom. All those need to fit into their slots that are on the door. Once you have them so they're starting in there, we'll slide them all down. Put our screws in here. Get this one right here. Nice and short. Right there. The long one goes right underneath this handle. Tight. Get this one. Put it right back in there. Get our little cover, push that right on there. Get our push clip.

Now it's time to put back on our lock. Make sure you've got the red area facing towards the rear of the vehicle. If you were to look at the backside, you're going to see there's a hooky-do here, and then there's a couple of little ones right there. This forward end needs to go in first and then you roll the backside in. There it is. Make sure it's unlocked, of course. Now it's time to get this back on there. If you were to look at this, you're going to see there's a little hooky-do. That needs to slide in there. So, we'll just go right over the handle, put in that forward side first with the hooky-do, and then go ahead and clip this in. Perfect. Put this back on there, get another hooky-do, goes down, and then, of course, the pitons push right in. Let's get this back reconnected now. If you look at the backside, you can see, of course, the colors. Black, we're going to skip one and go blue. We'll take that green. Take the big one, slide it right in. Make sure it's locked in. Grab this, put it on. Now when you put this in, there should be like a little hooky-do here that's going to go under there, and then there should be a little clip that's going to force down in there. Both of ours are broken, so you're just going to have to imagine I'm going in from the front, sliding it down, making sure my wiring is where it needs to be. There we are. Just retest this real quick. It opens. I'm going to lock it, unlock it. Perfect.

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