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How to Replace Front Door Speakers 06-11 Toyota Camry

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  1. step : Removing the Door Panel (0:19)
    • Pry the courtesy light out of the door panel with a trim tool
    • Disconnect the courtesy light electrical connector
    • Pry the trim piece off the mirror base with a trim tool
    • Pry the grab handle panel off the door handle with a trim tool
    • Pry the trim piece out of the door handle with a trim tool
    • Pry the clip out of the front of the door panel with a trim tool
    • Remove the Phillips screw inside the door handle
    • Remove the two Phillips screws from the grab handle
    • Pry out the door panel clips by hand
    • Lift the door panel off the door
    • Unclip the door lock cable from the door handle
    • Pop the door handle out of the door
    • Disconnect the wiring harness from the door panel
    • Unclip the wiring harness from the door panel
    • Disconnect the door latch cable from the door handle
  2. step : Removing the Door Speaker (3:08)
    • Disconnect the speaker electrical connector
    • Remove the four Phillips screws from the speaker
    • Slide the speaker out of the door
  3. step : Installing the Door Speaker (4:05)
    • Slide the speaker into the door with the electrical connector at the top
    • Insert the four Phillips screws into the speaker
    • Connect the speaker electrical connector
  4. step : Installing the Door Panel (4:45)
    • Clip the white door cable into the top of the door handle
    • Clip the green door cable into the bottom of the door handle
    • Feed the courtesy light electrical connector through the door panel
    • Connect the electrical connector to the door panel
    • Clip the door handle into the door panel
    • Lift the door panel onto the door
    • Line up the door panel, using the locating pins
    • Push in the door panel clips
    • Insert the Phillips screw inside the door handle
    • Clip the trim into the door handle
    • Insert the two Phillips screws into the grab handle
    • Clip the trim onto the grab handle
    • Clip the trim piece onto the mirror base
    • Push the plastic clip into the front of the door panel
    • Connect the courtesy light electrical connector
    • Push the courtesy light into the door panel

Hi. I'm Mike from 1AAuto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

To remove this, take a plastic prying tool. You can get this from Just kind of push in on this side. It'll pop it out. There's a clip there that you're trying to pop it out of. Push in the tab.

We're going to pop off the piece behind the mirror. You're going to get your fingers in there or use a plastic trim tool. It just pops to the two clips.

To pop off this grab handle here, use a plastic trim tool. Pry it up. Pop it out. Put that aside. Pull the door handle open.

Use the plastic prying tool to get in here. Pop that out.

Use the plastic prying too to get this clip out. If you can get the middle up, that helps unlock it, but sometimes when they're flush like that, it's difficult. This one snapped, but it'll still work.

I'm going to use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the one that’s behind the door handle. There's one in here and one deep in here.

With these screws removed, the door panel is clipped around this edge and then it's going to lift off of the door frame. So I'm going to reach under here and pull it out. Do the same on this side. It’s free. Just be careful. The screws are in there so one just fell out. Put that aside.

You disconnect the door handles. That's the door lock. Pop this out. Pull it straight up. Same thing with this one. Pop it out. This whole piece actually came with it. That's fine. I guess that can stay in there.

Disconnect the main harness from the door panel. It's clipped up here. There's a lock that's on the other side. Push it in. Pull it down.

Door panel will come off. Pop this out. Pull it right off. Put that side.

To remove the speaker, there are four bolts. They're 12 millimeter or you can use a Phillips head screwdriver. I'm going to start by unplugging the electrical connector from it. Push in on the lock tab and push it up. Remove the last one, pull the speaker out of the door panel. It's got a little bit of a gasket to it. It was stuck in the door panel. Ours is stuck on this rubber, and it had a little hook here, so you got to lift it out from the bottom and it'll slide off this hook.

Reinstall the speaker. This hook goes to the top. It also has the connector at the top. Just move these wires out of the way, slide it up into the door opening, so it's on that hook. Set it in place. Reinstall the self-tapping bolts, and I’m just tightening these down until I feel them get tight and then I'm stopping. Just at the end, plug the connector back in.

Make sure you don't get these cables mixed up because they can fit in both position. The white one goes on top. Put the little lead weight in there. Flip it over. Clip it into place. Take the green one. You'll kind of know because one is longer than the other. They kind of fit better in their perspective spots. Put the little lead weight over there, just like the top one. Snap it into place. So one pulls the door handle. One locks and unlocks the doors.

We're ready for the door trim panel. So the top of this has some metal clips. They will slide onto the thin part of the sheet metal here. There is a locating pin here. Then you've got the clips all the way around and the screws that'll hold it on together.

Before we do that, we need to feed this into here. Just going to get it started. For our courtesy light, there's an opening in the bottom of the door panel for it. Just feed that through. A little trick to install this: get that started.

Take your door harness. Don't forget to plug that in or else nothing's going to work. It'll snap into place, so get this lined up. It's got a couple pins on the top and the bottom and those are going to push into these tabs.

Now we take the door panel and kind of push it up towards the window. Push it up towards the window and then down over. Sometimes you’ve got to push in on it. Just push down just like that. I can see the screw holes are lining up. I've got that where I want it. I'm just going to push in. That’s just going to capture all the clips.

I can reinstall the screws and install this small screw here behind the door handle. Our little trim piece has got all the clips. Pull this door handle out and get this front one captured first. Push that in place.

There's two large self-tapping screws. One's going to go in the top. One's going to go in the bottom here in this door pull handle. Start with the top on. With two screws installed, we can clip this back into place.

Install our little triangle piece that goes near the mirror. These two clips are here. Push right into place. There's this little clip here. This one kind of broke, but we push it in there. If you don't have it, it's not a big deal. It doesn't do too much. The rest of the door panel is secure.

To reinstall the courtesy light and plug it back in. Push that up into place. The door panel's reinstalled.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Screwdrivers & Related

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Specialty Tools

  • Trim Tool Set

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