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How to Replace Fog Lights 2002-09 GMC Envoy

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How to Replace Fog Lights 2002-09 GMC Envoy

Created on: 2020-07-08

Watch this video to learn how to install new TRQ fog lights on your 2002-09 GMC Envoy.

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Okay, friends, it's time to get started on replacing our fog lamp assemblies. To do that, it's going to be easiest to get underneath the vehicle, behind this bumper cover. So now, looking underneath the bumper here, you have a clear view of the wiring. We need to obviously get that off of there. Grab onto this little tab, pull it up, and then draw this away. I always like to take a peek, make sure I don't see any funny colors. If you see something in there, you're going to need to either clean it or replace the unit. Now, if we move along, you can see the mounting area, there's going to be three nuts that hold this on. Usually, there's some kind of little covers that go over the studs, so we'll pull all those off. And now, I'm going to spray down those three areas with some penetrant and let it sit for a minute.

Now, it's going to be time to remove our 10-millimeter headed nuts. There's that one, let's do the same to all the rest. Okay, so this nut's getting ready to come off now at this point. What we want to make sure is that once we get it off, keep in mind, there's nothing holding this in, so I'm just going to go ahead and come from the front. I'm going to hold on to it, remove that nut, and then I can push this out and there it is, friends. We've got our new fog lamp assembly here. If you were to look at the backside, you're going to see this right here, that's the adjustment. And, you can see that the spring comes up through the center there. If you were to turn this clockwise or tightening, it's going to aim this beam down. If you turn it counterclockwise, it'll bring the beam facing up a little bit further. With that said, let's continue with the install.

Coming from the front of the bumper, I'm just going to put it through, and then I'm going to try to line it up with those holes and push all the studs through. Go ahead and start on all those nuts, then we'll bottom them out and snug them up. Just double check them all, make sure they're snug. Perfect. Let's go ahead and grab onto that wiring. We're going to latch it right in there, give it a nice click, and then give it a tug. Make sure it does not fall off. It needs to be secured. All right, let's give it a test.

This is going to be a general tutorial on how to aim your brand new TRQ headlamp assemblies. Okay, so looking at your brand new TRQ headlamp assembly, you're going to see where your low beam is and you'll see a little dot right in the center, and that is the access point, okay? So what we're going to do is we're going to mark that with an erasable marker just so it's easier to see. Next, what we need to do is measure from the level ground up to this point and take note of that measurement. Now, we're just going to pull the car up to our wall. On our vehicle, we remember that the measurement was 28 inches for our access point. Your vehicle may be different, but that's where I'm going to put this tape, just above that 28 inches. We'll do the same on the other side. Okay, so let's just back the vehicle up straight back 25 feet from the wall. And now that we moved our vehicle 25 feet back from the wall, we're going to start with our measurement here, that's where the headlamp center is. We're going to go down four inches on the driver's side. On the passenger side, we have our line here, what we need to do is go down 2 inches.

To adjust the driver's side, we're going to cover our passenger side headlamp. If you look at the backside of your headlamp assembly, you're going to see something that looks like this. This is the adjustment. Some of these headlight assemblies have one, two, or even more of them, but you should at least have one. This is how we're going to adjust the headlight beam. Now, we're going to lower the top part of the beam down to just below this line. When you turn the adjustment to the right, it brings the beam up and if you turn it to the left, it'll bring the headlight beam down. And, this is this way on most vehicles. Let's continue on to doing the passenger side. All right, we properly aligned our TRQ headlamp assemblies.

Okay, and on the quality TRQ headlamps for our pickup truck, the procedure is going to be the same. You're going to find your center dot, mark it, and then you'll measure from the level ground up to your dot. So once your headlamps are properly adjusted, it'll be time to adjust your fog lamps. You'll notice on the driver side, the focal point is all the way at the bottom right now. I would like to bring it up so it meets up with approximately the bottom of the focal point of the headlight. Some fog lamps have an adjuster, others don't. The ones that do have an adjuster you would just turn the adjustment to the left or to the right to adjust the beam up and down to where it needs to be. Now, with your TRQ headlamps and fog lamps properly aligned you can drive down the road safely.

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