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How to Replace Drivers Side Mirror 2002-07 GMC Envoy

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Created on: 2020-07-08

This video shows you how to install a new TRQ side view mirror on your 2002-07 GMC Envoy.

Okay, friends. One of the first things we have to do is get behind this door panel to get to the mirror. Grab yourself a nice plastic trim tool. The reason why you wanna use plastic is because we don't wanna try to damage anything on the door panel itself. If you can slide it right underneath this area right here, you should be able to pry it up, and you're gonna see there's a couple little clips. It'll look about the same on the front except just one clip. We'll pop that up as well. Slide this out, and now, we're gonna remove all of our wiring.

If you were to grab right here, you can see it pulls up on that tab, and you should be able to slide this off, and then continue on doing the same thing down the line. If you look right here, and there, and then the same areas on the other side over here, you're gonna see there's these little push clip things that are stuck in there. If you go right in between just like this, you should be able to wiggle it. Do the same on the other side. There we are. Set this aside.

What we're gonna remove is this piece right here. It's just plastic, so be very careful not to break it. Come right in between here, and pry it away. There we are. Set that aside. Now, we're just gonna grab onto this bezel. This has four little hooky-dos that are holding on. So, if you just carefully pull it away, it should kinda just pop off nice and easy. Set that aside. Now that we have all of this out of the way, you have a clear view of the bolt that's right down in there. And then there will be another bolt right down inside the handle area right there.

Use your 10-millimeter with an extension, and remove both. There's that first one, and there's the second one. I'll just grab a magnet so I can get it out of there. Now, here comes the fun part about pulling off the panel. You're gonna need to continue on with this plastic trim tool right here and come right along the edge of the plastic and the door itself. Slide it down until you feel it stop. When it stops, you're gonna come across something like this. It's gonna go, "Bonk." Pry it away, and it'll draw this out from the door.

I'm just gonna take this. I'm gonna start right in the center, work my way down. I can feel that there's a piece right here. See about getting under there. Give it a nice tug. All right. Right up here there's gonna be another one. So, we're just gonna be careful not to break that one. Now, we're gonna lift this straight up, and remove it from the vehicle. So, now, we're got our cable here. We can see it leads right up behind this area. Go ahead and pull this out. We're gonna hold onto this and save it because we're gonna put it right back in there when we're done.

That exposes the 10-millimeter, another one, and there's one right here. We're gonna remove all three, but be careful because there isn't much holding the mirror in at that point except for this little clip. There's one of the nuts. I'm just gonna put it back on there, just a couple of threads just for safety. I'll remove all the rest. Okay. Now, I'm gonna circle around the vehicle to the outside. Remove that safety nut that I left on there. Now, we're gonna push down on this and then pull the mirror out. There it is, friends.

Okay, friends. Now, it's time for our install. Go ahead and take the mirror. We're gonna put the wires straight through this first and then bring it on through. Now, I'm gonna be very careful not to scratch any paint. Slide those studs right in. Start on one of my nuts there. There we are. Now, I can get the rest of 'em started, and then we'll bottom them out and snug 'em up. All bottomed out. I'm just gonna give 'em a quick snug. Perfect. Get this back in here. Let's get the seat button back in here. And then we'll just take it and connect it in.

Grab the door panel. We're gonna grab all of our wiring and put it up through the handle area, not through this area, this area right here. We need every single bit of it. There we are. Now, if you notice up along the top area of the door here, there's kinda like a nice little lip. And if you were to look at this door panel right along here, there's also a nice little hooky-do lip. This one needs to sit inside there, which means we're gonna have to come high, put it on, slide it down, and then bonk in the press clips.

Okay. Now, we're gonna start lining up those push clips to make sure everything's situated. That one in there. Double-check all the way around. It's completely seated. That feels great. Let's grab our wiring. Let's grab the window switch here, the master switch, and get this all set up. And take the biggest one, slide it right in there. Let's get this in here. Okay. Untwist those. They all have miscellaneous shapes. So, there's no way you can really mix them up. You don't necessarily have to worry about that so much. There we are.

Let's go ahead and slide this down. Line it up with where it needs to go, and carefully press it in. Now, it's time to get this plate on here. You're gonna notice that it's not a circle, and it's not even really a perfect oval. It's really kinda slanted downward. The smaller area is gonna be facing towards the front or towards this area. Go ahead and line it up. You're gonna see there that there's little pitons that need to fit into the holes once you line those up.

Just carefully press it in. Grab this. Line up your push clips with the holes that they need to go into. Press that in as well. So, now, I'm just gonna use a magnet, and I'm gonna try to get this bolt down deep into this hole and get it started a little bit because just dropping it in there really isn't the easiest. All right. That one's nice and tight. Now, we're just gonna test everything. Let's test that mirror. That works perfectly. Now, just set it to where you need it.

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