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How to Replace Door Latch Chevy Silverado 07-09

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  1. step : Removing the Door Panel (0:37)
    • Remove the window crank using a window crank removal tool
    • Pull out the lock bar cap tab to remove the lock bar cap
    • Pry off the cover panel behind the door pull handle
    • Pry off the cover panel behind the door latch handle
    • Remove the 10 mm bolt behind the door latch handle and the two 10 mm bolts behind the door pull handle
    • Pry off the side mirror trim panel
    • Working around the edges, pry the door panel off
    • Lift the door panel up and off
    • Disconnect the door latch cable
  2. step : Removing the Door Latch (5:41)
    • Use the window crank handle to raise the window completely, if necessary
    • Peel away the vapor barrier
    • Remove the two round plugs at the upper left corner of the door
    • Open the retainer clip to disconnect the exterior door handle rod
    • Disconnect the lock rod connected to the outer lock cylinder
    • Remove the three T30 bolts securing the latch to the door
    • Disconnect the door latch electrical connector by sliding the lock lever out
    • Remove the door lock rod grommet
    • Remove the door latch assembly
    • Remove the two door lock rods from the door latch assembly and transfer them to the new latch assembly
    • Disconnect the door latch cable from the latch assembly and transfer it to the new latch assembly
  3. step : Installing the Door Latch (12:02)
    • Install the door latch cable and the two lock rods into the latch assembly
    • Install the door latch assembly into the door
    • Insert the lock rod through the opening at the top of the door
    • Align the door latch with the bolt holes
    • Reinstall the three T30 bolts to secure the latch to the door
    • Reconnect the door latch electrical connector
    • Reinstall the lock rod grommet into the opening in the door
    • Reconnect the lock cylinder rod
    • Reconnect the outside door handle rod
    • Reinstall the vapor barrier
  4. step : Installing the Door Panel (17:29)
    • Reconnect the door latch cable
    • Set the door panel on the door and press it into place
    • Reinstall the side mirror trim panel
    • Reinstall the two 10 mm bolts behind the door pull handle, and the 10 mm bolt behind the door latch handle
    • Replace the two door handle cover panels
    • Reinstall the door lock rod cap
    • Reinstall the window crank handle

Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

What's up, guys? I'm Andy from 1A Auto. Today I'm going to show you how to remove and reinstall a door latch on this 2008 Chevy Silverado work truck. If you need parts for your vehicle, click the link in the description and head over to

The door. We're going to remove this window crank. We need a window crank removal tool, so we're going to position the window crank in this up position right here. Take the tool. If you want to put it in the same location that it was, you could mark it before you take this off. And then we can get this--just slide this down. There's a little pin, a little clip you have to remove. Just push it down and then it slides right off. To take this lock button off, I'm just going to use a pick tool. Just get in behind here, slide that little lock piece off and slide the button off.

Next, underneath here, I'm going to take a trim tool--just slide under here. You can use a pick also. Get underneath there, slide this cover off. Next, we're going to take this cover off. Just take my pick tool or trim tool, slide that cover off. There's a clip right there, clip right there. We're going to use a 10-millimeter socket and extension and a ratchet. And there's three bolts: one bolt here and two bolts there. Take those out. You might have to hold this handle up a little bit to get this bolt out. Take that bolt out. Oops. We'll just use a magnet, take that bolt out.

Next, we're going to take this trim piece off. Just use my trim tool. Behind here. Pry. It's just clips that hold this on. Three clips hold that on. Next thing you need is a trim tool. There's clips holding the door panel on, just go around the perimeter of the door panel, and pop it off. Once those are all popped off, should be able to release right there. We're going to need to release the handle cable right here. There is two ears on the bottom of this door panel, so you can put it in service position so that you can leave it there while you're working. All right. To take this cable off the inner door handle, I'm just going to use some needle-nose pliers. Get in there. You just got to squeeze. There's a tab, couple tabs, and I'm going to squeeze on the cable--that will release. Sometimes if you twist it a little bit it helps out. Pull the cable, slide it off, and then there's a ball on the end of the cable. This is where the two tabs are. You just need to squeeze these two tabs, just like that, to release it.

Now I can grab the door panel and just slide it out. If you rolled your window down, we're going to roll it up at this point and I'll just take that handle off. Next, we're going to take this inner vapor barrier off, or insulation off. We're just going to slide this. There's some sticky adhesive is attaching it to the door. Generally it peels right off fairly easily. Just being careful not to rip this. If it does rip, you can use some tape to tape it back together. Just fold it down out of the way. We're going to take these two plugs off first, we'll just use a trim tool. Pull those off.

We want to disconnect these rods that go from the door handle to the door latch. There's a little yellow retainer right here that holds it on. It needs to grab with your fingers from the back side. We're going to slide it out, pop it off just like that and that rod will come off. And then for the top rod that goes to the lock cylinder, you're just going to take the rod and I'm going to push it towards the outside of the door. Sometimes this is a little bit tricky. I'm going to try using a pick tool to get in here and twist it. Oops. Almost. I'm going to take these torque screws out. I'm going to use a T30 Torx bit and a ratchet. Once I get to the last one I'm going to have to support the latch. Grab it from the inside, just push it on. Then I can grab the latch. I'm just sliding it out.

There is a connector connected to it, so I'm going to try to disconnect the connector. Move this cable out of my way first. It's kind of hard to see this connector. I'll pull it out once I get it disconnected. All right. We're going to have to pull this piece out right here, this grommet for the lock rod. Then you want to slide the lock rod down. We're going to take the latch and I'm just going to twist it around the window regulator, just like that, and slide it right out. To show you how this connector works, I'll just plug it in. As you can see, as I push this down, it is stuck in the connector and it's in the locked position. I just push up underneath here to release it. Take your pick tool or a screwdriver, just get under here and it slides right out, just like that.

All right, if you're replacing this latch assembly, it's not going to come with these two rods, so you're going to have to swap them over. What you would have to do is just slide this lock rod up just like that. Slide it out. You want to do it right away so you remember how it goes. Again also with this one. You're going to slide this out a little bit and slide it down. If you wiggle it back and forth, it makes it a little easier. And transfer it over to the new one. To take this cable off, I'm just gonna use some needle-nose pliers. I'm just going to grab right here, these two tabs. Push down. Slide the cable out. Let's do that again. Squeeze these two tabs. Slide that out like that, and I can move this little latch and slide that out.

We're going to reinstall this cable. We're going to slide this piece underneath this little latch first. Slide that out just like that, and then we'll push this cable on and lock it in place. Now we're going to install this lock rod. I'm just going to slide this into this position right here and then twist it just like that. Next we're going to install this door lock rod. Just slide this into position here, twist it, and then it's ready to install.

To reinstall this latch, we're going to slide this cable around the window regulator first. Make sure these rods are facing upwards, and then we're going to twist this around the back, just like that. This is the lock rod for the lock rod button, it's going to go through here. You want to guide that up first to that position. And then the other rod, you're just going to push that to the back. Just keep that back there for now. As long as this lock rod is in position, as long as this lock rod is in position right here, now we can start the bolts on the outside. Get these started. Then I'll take my T30 Torx socket and a ratchet, start tightening these up. We're going to tighten them down evenly first. Once they're all like that, then we're going to just go back and snug them all down. All right, that's good.

Next, we can connect this connector. It's kind of hard to see. Reach in there, push the connector into position and then push down on the lock, and then I'll suck it the rest of the way in. I'll just slide this into position here. A little latch for that, and then this was under here before, just like that. This little cover can go over this rod, the lock rod, just like that. Then on the inside, this rod is going to go to the lock, the door lock cylinder. You're going to get it lined up. There's like a V and it's going to go in the middle of the V, and you grab it and just pull. Lock it into place. You're going to push this into this retainer. It's like a door. You open the door. This is going to get lined up right there. Once that rod is in there, then close the door. Make sure that's latched. You can grab the handle and just make sure that operates properly.

Now slide this into position. Pull the cable through here like that. There's a hole right here that the door has a pin that goes through there, so get that lined up. That looks pretty good. A lot of times on these door panels, this little bracket breaks off the door panel right here. It's a common problem. It's not something that's extremely crucial for putting the door panel back on. The door panel will stay in position even with that broken, so don't worry about that too much. We can take the door panel. We're going to make sure this lock rod goes through that hole right there. That's good right there. Get this little door pin in the hole on this side. That's in position. Make sure the rest is. Once all the pins are lined up and start pushing it on.

I'll reattach this. If you had a foam insulator, you would put that in there now. This vehicle doesn't have one. Line these pins up. Lock that in place. We're going to take these two bolts right underneath the handle, use our 10-millimeter socket, extension, and ratchet. Just get that one started and then I'll get the other one started.

Snug it up, and then I'll snug up the other one. Then down below here, underneath the handle, get this bolt in and tighten it down. Snug it down. Take these two covers. This one is going to go down below. There's a little pin right there that goes through that hole so you know which direction it goes. Get that in position, lock it in place. This one is going to go in this position. There is a pin, little slot there. Lock that in place.

All right, now I'm going to install the new crank handle. Remember this washer? It's going to go on the back side. Just put this into position. Put it on the same way that you took off the old handle. Get it lined up. Make sure it's locked in place and it's good to go. We'll take this lock button, make sure this lock rod is all the way up. Take the button, slide it into position, and then push down on the lock part. Make sure it works properly, then you're all set.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Pick

  • Ratchets & Related

  • Socket Extensions
  • Ratchet

  • Sockets - Metric

  • 10mm Socket

  • Specialty Tools

  • Window Crank Removal Tool
  • Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

  • T30 Bit

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