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How to Replace Cruise Control Combination Switch 2003-06 GMC Yukon

Created on: 2020-04-03

Watch this video to learn how to install a new combination switch in your 2003-07 GMC Yukon.

Tools needed

  • Torque Wrench

    Socket Extensions

    Socket Driver

    8mm Wrench

    Trim Tool Set


Disconnect the battery. Disconnect the negative terminal. Use an 8-millimeter wrench. And disconnect connect that. Just slide it out of the way. I wanna release the airbag. I'm gonna use a small blunt object, like a pick. A pick with the tip cut off works pretty good. And just push in here. And there's a little spring that you push on that releases this side of the airbag. Do the same on the other side. You can pull the airbag up. You want to disconnect the wires on the backside. All right. There's two clips right there and just squeeze those clips. Slide the connector out. Slide that off. Place the airbag aside and just make sure you put it face up. If you see, this is how the spring works with the pick. If you push the pick in there, you're just trying to move that spring, so you might have to feel around for it. And disconnect this wire right here, this is for the horn. You're just gonna grab this white tab, push down a little bit and then twist it, and twist it to the left, and slide this out. Disconnect this connector right here.

There's a little lock tab right there, just use a pick or a screwdriver. Then slide that connector off. We're gonna loosen this nut up. Use a 21-millimeter socket and a ratchet. If you can hold it with your knees or have a partner hold it for you while you loosen it. Now, before I take the nut off completely, so that I don't hit myself in the head with the steering wheel, just grab the steering wheel, rock it back and forth. And it should loosen up. If it's really, really tight you can use a puller. There's special pullers for these. And take the nut the rest of the way off. Slide the steering wheel out and slide these wire through. You wanna make sure this clock spring doesn't twist, which it seems like it has a lock on it so it shouldn't...it shouldn't move. Before we take this adjuster off, just adjust the column all the way up. Just be careful. Don't have your hand in front of it. And then use a trim tool and try to pry this lever out. Sometimes these can be very difficult to pry out. It just slides out.

Then under the backside of the cover, just grab the cover, and just slide it out. Pull this down, it'll clip in to the back, just like that. If you have to you can adjust this back down. Just be careful. Don't get your fingers caught. And slide the top off. Just like that. There's a connector right here we need to disconnect. You can use a pick to try to release the lock right there. Disconnect that. If you struggle getting them off, you could always take this lower trim piece off. There's just a couple of screws that come off. Disconnect these connectors. Just use a pick. Get underneath this tab right here. Try not to break it if you have to reuse something. And slide that off, same as this connector. One more connector. It's kind of hard to see, there was a tab on the backside, take that off. Use a T25, take the screw out of here and the one on top. So you get that out, and just slide this right up. And now take a little bit of grease. Put a little grease on there on the new one, looks good.

And take this and slide it into position. And you wanna make sure that that gets pushed in first. There's a wheel on the backside. So, push that in first behind the wheel, otherwise you're just gonna break it. You could always take a pick and just push it back and that slides in position. Take the bolts. Take the bolts. Get the bolts back in and snug that bolt down, same with this one. Take these connectors, line them up where you've disconnected them and lock them in place. And then take this connector and slide that into position right there. Line that up right there and lock it in place. That's good. Take this cover around this shifter boot. That's good. I'm just gonna reposition this. Be careful of your fingers. And this is gonna clip in on the backside, first, and it's gonna clip into the top cover. So, get that lined up with the top cover. And then line up the shift reboot with that as well. There we go. Just make sure that clips in place. That's good. Then reinstall the adjuster handle, lock it in place. Take the steering wheel, slide the wires through this square opening, and line the steering wheel up.

There is a little tab on the shaft of the steering column and a little arrow, you wanna line that up. And it should be slotted. You shouldn't be able to put it on any other way. It should only go in one way. Take the...put the nut back on. Tighten this up. Now I'm gonna torque this knot to 29 foot pounds.

Reconnect this connector, just line it up. Lock it in place. And then the horn connector, slide that in position, and push it down. It should lock in place. Take the airbag, line the connectors up. Just like that. Just make sure the wires don't get caught on anything. Slide that into position, lock it down. Now let's reconnect the battery. And snug down the terminal. Give it a wiggle, make sure it's tight. And you're good to go.

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