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How to Remove Reinstall Radio 2005 - 2010 Chrysler 300

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Created on: 2016-12-20

How to remove, replace, take out, pull out, change, a broken or old radio on 06 Chrysler 300

  1. step 1 :Removing the Dash Panel
    • Pry out the dash panel with trim tools
    • Pull the dash panel forward
    • Disconnect the control panel electrical connectors
  2. step 2 :Removing the Radio
    • Remove the four Phillips head screws from the radio
    • Slide the radio forward
    • Disconnect the radio electrical connectors
  3. step 3 :Installing the Radio
    • Connect the radio electrical connectors
    • Slide the radio into the dash
    • Tighten the four Phillips head screws to the radio
  4. step 4 :Installing the Dash Panel
    • Connect the control panel electrical connectors
    • Press the dash panel into the dash

Tools needed

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

    Trim Tool Set

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In this video, we're going to be working with our 2006 Chrysler 300. We're going to show you how to remove and replace your factory radio and reinstall another OEM unit.

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Here are the items you'll need for this repair: Phillips head screwdriver, trim removal tools

In order to access some of these parts, we'll have to remove this dash panel here. Fortunately, with this trim removal tool, available from 1AAuto.com we can get this plastic piece out without worrying about damaging any of the other interior pieces. All you've got to do is get behind it, and pry out. There's clips all the way along the side, so just keep moving up little by little, prying it out. Now we can slide this forward and access the electrical connectors at the back. All you’ve got to do is push down and release the tabs. Over here has got one of those red safeties which, actually, is another great use for this tool. Just pop that little tab out and release the connector. We'll move on to these ones up here. You have you ESP and hazard switch as well as the little electrical connection for the clock.

We'll place our dash panel out of the way. Remove the four Phillips head screws in each corner of the radio. Once all the screws are out, simply slide the radio forward towards you. On the back, we have our antennae connection. Just pops out. We have our two electrical connectors here. Push down and remove them. Your radio's out.

To install the radio, simply hook up the connections. Little one goes on the driver's side. Bigger one goes to the passenger side of that. Plug the antennae back in, in the bottom passenger side corner. Slide your radio back into place. You'll see that it actually sits there pretty nicely while we reinstall our four Phillips-head screws.

We can reinstall the dash panel into the vehicle. Now, it's a little bit easier to connect the bottom first. We'll start by reconnection the HVAC. All these connectors are different sizes. You can't really mix them up. Don't forget the little red clip that goes in the big connector here. Just slide that in, lock it into place and that keeps it from falling out. Reconnect the ESP and hazard switch at the top center and the light switch all the way at the top for our clock. Set the panel back into the dash. Just press around the edges until everything sits into place and everything is where it should be.

To reset your clock, it's very simple. Right now it's three o'clock even. Holding the button will get the clock to move. You can let on and off because it'll speed up as you hold it longer. Just a couple of taps and it's three o'clock.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at 1AAuto.com for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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