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How to Remove Door Panel 07-13 Mini Cooper S

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How to Remove Door Panel 07-13 Mini Cooper S

Created on: 2018-10-01

How to repair, install, fix, change or replace a door panel. Door panels need to be removed to access the inside components of the door, like the window regulator or exterior door handles on 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 Mini Cooper S.

Tools needed for replacement

  • Screwdrivers & Related

    Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Specialty Tools

    Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

    T30 Driver

    T25 Driver

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Hi. I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years.

What's up guys? I'm Andy from 1A Auto and today I'm going to be showing you how to remove and reinstall door panels on this 2007 Mini Cooper S. If there's any parts you need for your vehicle, click the link in the description and head over to

There's a little pin that goes into this trim piece and we have to take this pin out. We'll use a trim removal tool. Just pop this off. You can use a flat blade screwdriver. Pull that pin off. I'm going to pull this trim piece off. You can just grab it and try to pull it off. Sometimes you need a little trim tool to help. Use the little trim removal tool. Get in behind here. Pull that piece off.

Now we're going to pull this little light off. Just use a flat blade screwdriver underneath it. Now we can disconnect the connector. Pull that out like that. Set that aside. Next thing you need is a door trim removal tool. I've got to take all the push pins out along this outer edge of the door panel. Now this door panel's going to come out in two pieces right here separate from the inner panel. Just slide it in here. Apply some pressure. Over here as well. You can slide it off the door lock rod and pull that panel out.

Next we're going to remove this mirror switch. Just going to grab a trim tool. Get underneath here. Pop it out. Slide it out. We're going to remove the electrical connectors. Just grab. Pull it out. Next I'm going to take this trim piece out from around the speaker. Just going to use a trim tool. Get in behind here. And also grab it with my fingers. Pull it straight out. Just like that.

Next I'm going to pull this trim piece off right here on the outside of the door panel. Just grab it with your fingers and gently peel it up. I'm going to take this little plug off. Just use a trim tool to remove this right there. Pull that off. There's one also over here. Pull that off there. Next I'm going to raise the window. I'm going to put the key in the car. Raise the window up a little bit. I want to get so that the bolt hole for the window assembly lines up with that hole so that I can actually take it out. Right about there. And I'll turn the key off.

Next I'll use a T30 torx socket and an extension and a ratchet. I'm going to take that bolt out. You want to, when you take these bolts out, you're going to want to hold the window so make sure you do that because you don't want the window to fall. It's kind of hard to see the bolts coming out but ... Be good to have a friend hold the window while you do this as well. Now I'll do the same on this side. All right. The bolt is like a caged bolt so it's not going to come out. It's just going to loosen. Now grab the window. Oops. This one's got to be a little looser. If you pull those bolts really loose you'll be able to slide the window right out and set it aside where it's not going to break.

Disconnect this electrical connector right here. There's a little button here. Push down on that. Pull the connector out. Next we're going to pull this connector. Just going to use a flat blade screwdriver. Push up underneath here. It's going to release this little lever. Slide the lever. Slide the lever and the connector will come out. Grab onto this arm rest and just pull up. There's some clips that hold it on. Pull that off.

I'm going to remove these torx bolts all around the parameter of the door panel. I'm going to use a T30 socket and extension and a ratchet. Just going to remove this last of the 11 bolts. Pull that one out. I'm going to remove this weatherstripping from this area of the door. I'll just take a trim tool. Get underneath here. There's a little push right there that goes into the door that retains the weatherstrip on there. Then there's two pushpins. Take those two pushpins out. Get underneath there. Peel them up. They can stay in the weatherstripping or if they come out you can just set them aside. We just want this loose right here, like that. Let that hang. Then we'll do the same on this inboard side.

I'm going to remove this weatherstrip over here. Just use the same trim tool. It's secured right there. Pull that out of our way. Just like that. There's two more retainers. I'll just leave that like that. There's some torx bolts. There's one, two and there's three over here so a total of five. Going to remove those with a T30 and a ratchet. I'm going to pull this one off. There's going to be a little bracket. You pull that bracket. Set that aside. Next we're going to take this nut off. It's a 10 millimeter. Use a 10 millimeter socket and a ratchet. And then there's this little index there. Kind of like a washer. That just indexes the location for that stud. Pull that off.

We should be able to grab the door panel. Slide it out a little bit. And the inside of the panel, I'm just going to grab this little bracket right here. It's plastic. I'm just going to pry it up like that. It's got a little T here that goes right in here. This little T bar, that's going to ... It's what attaches to the latch handle on the inside. And there's little slots right there so that comes out like that. Slide this right here. Pull that out of the way. Here's the inner door panel.

Okay. Now we're going to reinstall the door panel. Just going to slide it over here. Like this. All right, we're going to take this cable. We're going to feed it through here. And through here. Get it into position. Going to make sure this little T on the end of the cable is just like that. This T was twisted on me earlier. Had to change it. And then that little T is going to line up with this little groove right there and then this little slot is going to run going to run up with that groove. I'll just line this up. It's going to slide on first. Then just push it straight on.

There is a foam pice down here at the bottom. I'm going to make sure that's slid into the bottom of the door panel. And make sure the lock rod is positioned properly. Make sure your bolt holes all line up. There, there. Then this little stud is sticking out there. And everything looks good. There's a wiring harness right here. You want to pull these wires on the outside. Those go like that. And that looks like it's in position. I'll put my nut on the stud right there. I'll get all these bolts in. Get those started and we'll go to the other side. There's this bracket you need to slide in underneath and install this other torx bolt.

You may have to maneuver the door panel up and down a little bit to get it into position and then these two little torx screws go in on this bracket. Don't do that. Got it. All right. Get those all started. Before I snug these down I am going to get all these other bolts started for the door panel just so that they line up with the holes. One right there. One right here. Just get these all started. Once I get those all started then I can snug these all down. Snug these down with my socket, extension and ratchet.

All right. I forgot to put this little washer on so I'm going to take this 10 millimeter bolt off. Just put that on. Luckily this is indexed in the right location so it's a good idea to put that on before you put the torx bolts in. Now I'll tighten this nut down with my 10 millimeter socket and ratchet. And hold that little washer indexer. Just snug it up. Now I'm going to push the molding back into position. These little tabs go in the holes. Just push it. Sometimes you have to work it a little bit back and forth. And same with the front. Lock that into position.

We have these little pins on the side here. Right there. Grab the other pin. Push that pin in. It's all set. You can reinstall this trim piece. Just slide it from the bottom. Lock it into position. Connect the wiring to the motor. Lock that in place. Then this wire is going to connect right here. And then you're going to slide the lever down and lock it in place.

We're going to install the window glass. Slide this in. Once it's in position I should be able to start tightening those bolts. I'll go here. I'm going to push the window all the way to the back and down. I'm going to snug these torx bolts up just finger tight. That one and this front one. Next I'm going to put the window up. Make sure your hands are clear when you do this. When it's all the way up then I'm going to just check to see if I have to adjust this at all. And if I have to I can move the window back or forward a little bit. Make sure it lines up how I want it to line up. That looks pretty good right there.

I'll turn the key off. Actually I'm going to roll the window down again. Take the key out. I'm going to take my T30 and extension and ratchet. I'm going to snug these bolts up. Not too tight because it is glass. Snug it up. Here's another tip for if you're removing this to get the window to line up better. Before you take it apart, you can take a dry erase marker. Just mark the window, where it's located. That'll get you in the right vicinity of where to install the window. Make it a little bit easier.

Install the outside window trim. Just line it up. Get that in position. Just push it down. Install this trim over the speaker. Make you feed those wires through. Push in on it. Now I'm going to connect the mirror switch. There's this black connector. It goes in the bottom. White one goes in the top. Slide this into position like that. Push it down. Lock it in place.

We're going to install the outer door shell. We want to slide this wire through this hole down here. That's going through there. And install the lock rod. Right there. Align the whole panel up. Make sure that wire goes through. It's all lined up. Now we're just going to push it on. Looks like it's all the way on. Yep. To reinstall this light we're just going to plug this in here. Slide this up. Lock it in place. We're going to pop this trim back on. Just line it up. Lock it in place. Install this pushpin underneath in this hole. Just like that.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping and the best customer service in the industry.

Tools needed for replacement:

    Screwdrivers & Related

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

  • Specialty Tools

  • Trim Tool Set

  • Star Drivers & Sockets

  • T30 Driver
  • T25 Driver

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