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How to Remove Bumper Cover 2007-10 Hyundai Elantra

Created on: 2019-06-19

Check out this video to learn how to replace the bumper cover on your 07-10 Hyundai Elantra. 1A Auto will show you the steps.

  1. step 1 :Removing the Front Bumper Cover
    • Remove the two 10 mm bolts securing the air collector
    • Remove the air collector
    • Remove the two plastic retaining pins from each end of the bumper cover and grille
    • Remove the 7 mm screw from each corner of the bumper securing it to the fender
    • Disconnect the electrical connector from each of the two fog light sockets
    • Remove the plastic retaining pins along the bottom of the bumper securing underbody trim (some pieces appear to be missing from the example vehicle in this video)
    • Pull the bumper cover away from the fender and underneath the headlights to remove it from locking tabs on each side
    • Remove the bumper cover
  2. step 2 :Installing the Front Bumper Cover
    • Seat the bumper cover in position carefully
    • Push the edge of the bumper cover into the locking tabs along the fender and underneath the headlight on each side
    • Reinstall the two push pin retainers at the top of each side of the bumper and grille
    • Reconnect the air collector to the two air ducts
    • Secure the air collector with the two 10 mm bolts
    • Reinstall the 7 mm screw on each corner of the bumper cover securing it to the fender
    • Reconnect the electrical connector to each of the two fog light sockets
    • Reinstall the push pin retainers along the bottom of the bumper securing the under body trim

Tools needed

  • Socket Extensions

    Phillips Head Screwdriver

    Plastic Fastener Remover

    10mm Socket

Hey friends, it's Len here at 1A Auto. Today I'm working on a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. I'm going to show you how to remove this bumper cover. It's going to be a very simple job. I want to be the guy that shows you how to do it. If you need any parts or instructional videos you can always check us out at 1AAuto.com. Thanks.

Okay, so here we go. We're going to go ahead and we're going to take out this bolt right here. There should be one right there. It's, you know, broken. That happens. Anyway, we're going to use a 10 millimeter on this particular application. Turn it to the left counterclockwise so we can remove it. There it is. Super long for no apparent reason. Put that aside. Grab this. Put this unit on the side. Cool. All right.

So now we can see we've got a couple little push clips here. They just kind of go along over this way and everything. So all we're going to do... We're going to use two tools. I've got a Phillips head. I'm going to use it and turn it to the left. This is going to start lifting this up for me. Once it gets up enough I can get my screwdriver under there and I should be able to just pop it right out. Nothing ever works on video. Come on. There it is. So when this is pushed in it spreads all those legs and holds it in, okay?

So I'll just remove all these. Here we are, last one. I'm just going to give this a little wiggle, see if we can get it to move around. It seems like it's coming off pretty well. Perfect. Let's bring the vehicle up a little bit and we'll start taking apart anything that might be coming from the wheel well just in case it's holding it in there, and then along the bottom. We should be able to pop this puppy right off.

So right here there's a small bolt that comes through this and then up into the fender. So I'm just going to go ahead and remove that. There it is. I'll do the same on the other side of the vehicle and we'll continue bringing the vehicle up.

Okay, so up in here we have our fog lamp assemblies, right? If you wanted to take this wiring harness off of it, all you're going to do is there's a little squeeze tab right here. There's one located right on the other side. I'm just going to grab them, squeeze them, give it little tug, pull it down. I'm going to give that a try. Let's see. Here we are.

We'll take a look at the harness here, make sure there's no funny colors, no rust or rainbow colors. Everything looks pretty great. We'll set this aside. We'll go over and do the same thing to the other side of the vehicle if I can get in. Give those a squeeze hopefully... Take a peek. It looks pretty clean. That looks great to me. Now I'll move along.

So I'm just going to pull out the clips that are down along the bottom here. Your vehicle may have them going all the way around. This one is missing a whole bunch, so it is what it is. But basically you just want to make sure that you have anything that's holding your bumper cover to anything else like the wheel well... We have another clip right here, so I'll grab this one. You want to make sure you have all those out, okay? So if yours has two, take out two. If yours has 20 of them holding it together, well sorry for you, but we'll keep moving here. All right. I'll put this last one aside. We'll bring the vehicle back down and we'll start going from the top, start taking this puppy off.

Okay. So we've got all the bumper cover taken apart as much as we can. Now it's time to just grip it and give it a little tug. Here we go. If it seems like it's sticking anywhere just try to lift it, and there we are. Now we've removed our bumper cover.

There we go. Let's get our bumper cover up close to the car. We're going to be careful for any paint. We don't want to scratch up any paint. Okay. Get it so it's setting up here. Just going to come along the side. There's a little lip right along the bumper cover. It needs to go up in here, okay? So whatever you got to do to make it happen... I just grab into where the grille is, give it a little tug, wiggle it. There we are. Give it a little bonk. Bonk, bonk. Screw that in. Same thing on the other side. Screw this side in. Cool. All right. Let's grab some screws and some push pins and we move along.

We got our little push clips. I'm just going to start them in here. Just push in the center, okay? Do the same for all these. Nice. All right, so now let's reinstall this right here. We got a little air duct hole here, one there, got our little air ducts there and one there. So we'll just line those two up. Start with the rearward facing one first. Slide it in and grab the bottom one. Now we'll just line this up with the holes right here and start this right in. Using a 10 millimeter tighten it up. It's just rubber there, so we don't need to go too much tighter than that. This one is already broken.

So let's go ahead and move underneath and we'll move along. We've got our little screw. It's going to go right up in the corner of this bumper, right under there. Lined up the hole here. I might have to wiggle it around. There it is. I can get this on there. There we are. Perfect. Get that pressed in there. We'll do the same to the other side of the bumper and we'll bring it up and continue on the bottom.

We've got our wiring harness for our fog lamp. You'll notice it's got a little notch out of it and the fog lamp bulb itself has a little stud coming through, so I'm just going to line up the notch with the stud in the bulb. I'm going to try to squeeze them together. Get that nice and latched in. Give it a little tug. Feels good. We'll do the same to the other one. Find our notch. There it is. Goes on the outside. Get that lined up, move it up and in. There we are. Cool. We got a couple push clips. We'll go ahead and get those pushed in real quick.

As you can tell, this thing is kind of busted up under here, missing a whole bunch of parts. Yours may or may not have any of this. Who knows? There we are. We'll go with the assumption that they're all going across here and it looks beautiful. Okay. Great job everybody.

Thanks for watching. Visit 1AAuto.com, your place for DIY auto repairs, for great parts, great service and more content.

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