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How to Install Spare Tire 2005-10 Chrysler 300

Created on: 2017-02-16

How to install a spare tire on 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 Chrysler 300

  1. step 1 :Removing the Tire
    • Park the vehicle on flat, solid ground
    • Chock the wheel opposite the one you are replacing
    • Open the trunk
    • Lift the trunk carpet
    • Remove the spare tire hold down
    • Pull out the spare tire
    • Inspect the spare tire
    • Pull the jack and tire iron out of the trunk
    • Raise the jack partially
    • Place the jack underneath the frame pinch weld
    • Loosen the lug nuts with the tire iron
    • Raise the vehicle with the jack
    • Remove the lug nuts
    • Pull off the wheel
  2. step 2 :Installing the Spare Tire
    • Start the lug nuts onto the spare tire by hand
    • Lower the vehicle with the jack
    • Remove the jack
    • Tighten the lug nuts with the tire iron in a crossing pattern
    • Put the tire iron and jack into the trunk
    • Fold down the trunk carpet
    • Put the flat tire in the trunk

Tools needed

  • Lug Wrench

    Floor Jack

    Block of Wood

Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years. We're dedicated to delivering quality auto parts, expert customer service, fast and free shipping, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Visit us at 1AAuto.com, your trusted source for quality auto parts.

In this video we're going to be working with our 2006 Chrysler 300. We're going to show you how to replace a flat tire on your vehicle with a spare in an emergency situation. Before performing this procedure, please make sure the vehicle is on the flattest ground possible, and that it is solid ground and not loose gravel or dirt as this can be dangerous. If for any reason you don't feel safe performing this repair yourself or in the situation you're in, be sure to contact your local emergency roadside specialists. Every item you need for this repair should already be in your vehicle.

Now we're going to be changing the flat tire on the left rear of our vehicle, so we want to chock the front right. Now if the front of our vehicle is facing downhill, we want to put a block of wood, a wheel chock, or a large rock, anything you can find in front of the tire. If the rear of the vehicle is facing downhill, we want to put the chock behind the tire. If it's on flat ground, go in front of the tire, as jacking up the vehicle is going to tend to push it this way, but ideally in any situation we'd like to use two chocks.

Open your trunk, lift up the rear carpet. Here we'll find our spare tire which has already been out of our vehicle and installed incorrectly so we'll need to move that out of the way. Remove our spare tire and check the condition. This spare tire is no good, it's already been driven on for quite some time. It's got an odd wear pattern to it, so this is the kind of spare tire you would not want to install on your vehicle. However, we're going to do it anyway just to show you the proper procedure, but if you have a spare tire like this, you're going to want to call to have your vehicle towed. While you're in the trunk, you'll also need your jack and tire iron.

Start lifting your jack up, and then place it under the pinch well. You can see there's a cutout looking like the skirt here, so that lines up. Get it engaged, then use your tire iron to break all of your lug nuts loose, about one turn. Once your lug nuts are broken loose, use your tire iron to lift up the jack until your wheel is off the ground. Finish removing your lug nuts, remove the wheel and tire from the vehicle, and install your spare.

Then get all of your lug nuts on there as tight as you can by hand. Once those are on, lower the weight of your vehicle back onto the tire. Remove your jack and tighten all of your lug nuts down as tight as you can with the tire iron in a cross pattern.

Since our vehicle did not have a full-size spare we can't put our flat tire back underneath, so we just place our tools there, fold our carpet down, and throw our bad tire in the trunk.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at 1AAuto.com for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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