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How to Install Bolts Without Them Falling Off Your Socket

Created on: 2017-07-10

How to install bolts without them falling off the socket.

  1. step 1 :Taping the Bolt
    • Apply tape to the end of the bolt
    • Stick the bolt in the socket
    • Tighten the bolt
    • Remove the tape
  2. step 2 :Greasing the Bolt
    • Apply grease to the end of the bolt
    • Stick the bolt in the socket
    • Tighten the bolt to the socket

Tools needed

  • Socket Extensions

    Duct Tape

    Painter's Tape


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On this intake manifold, we need to get these bolts down into these holes, but you need to do it in an organized fashion. What would normally happen is you would put this in here. You'd put it down in the hole, and then the bolt will fall out. It will fall somewhere down in the intake. Then you have to fish it out.

There's a couple ways that you can hold the bolt into the socket.

The first way is with a piece of tape. Of course, wearing gloves is not helping me. If you take a piece of tape and you put it on the end here, then you stuff the bolt in, that will hold it. Then you can do something like this. Try and line it up as best you can. Now that it's in there, all you have to do is fish the tape out which is a little bit easier than finding the bolt, because the bolt is most likely. When you put it down in here, the bolt is going to fall someplace where you can't find it. With the tape, it usually sticks to something right there so you can grab it with a pair of pliers or sometimes just your fingers.

The other method is a little bit greasier, because it's with actual grease. If you just take some really thick grease, put it on the end of the bolt, don't be afraid to use a whole lot of it, then you stick it in the socket. That will hold it as well. Again, you can drop it down in the whole, line up the whole like so, get it in there and then you can just pull it right off.

Those are two different methods that you can use to hold the bolt into the socket as you drop it down a blind hole and you don't want to lose it in the intact.

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