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How to Fix Car Vibration After a Snowstorm

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  1. step : Removing Snow from the Wheel (0:15)
    • Clear out the snow in the wheel with a glove

Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

After you've cleared the snow off your car and you're driving down the road, and you start to feel a vibration. You might get really worried. There's a good possibility that there's snow stuck inside your wheel.

So I did an okay job clearing this one before I came to work today, but basically this extra snow that gets stuck in here is like wheel weights that don't belong and it throws off the balance of your tire and wheel, and you'll get a vibration when you're going down the road. You can come in here with a glove and knock out as much of the snow as you can.

Your wheels are probably dirty, so you want to wear old gloves. If you've got the option, if it's not going to be too cold or it's available to you, you could go to a car wash, a self-service one and blast out the wheels with hot water.

Right, here's an extreme example of snow getting packed in your wheels. If you're snow-blowing your driveway, you clean it out, you got to drive through deep snow to get out somewhere, and you get snow stuck in here, this will definitely cause a vibration. You just want to come in either with a glove or the end of your snow brush and just knock this stuff out as best you can.

Luckily, the wheel hasn't gotten hot yet, and had the snow melt and re-freeze. It's still pretty loose, because that can happen. You'll get driving, you'll get the heat from the brakes, and it’ll transfer to the wheel. The snow will start to melt and it'll refreeze and you'll get clumps on the edges throwing off your balance. This is the number one cause of vibration complaints after a snowstorm. I'm just going to knock these out and that should be good enough.

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Tools needed for replacement:

    Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Gloves

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