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How to Fix a Manifold or Exhaust Heat Shield Rattle

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Created on: 2017-01-10

Watch now to see how you can fix or replace an exhaust manifold heat shield.

  1. step 1 :Tightening the Heat Shield
    • Wrap a hose clamp around the exhaust and a heat shield
    • Tighten the clamp with a flat blade screwdriver

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In this video, we're going to show you how to fix that annoying heat shield rattle that can be commonly heard on vehicles' exhaust manifold and exhaust components. We're working with our 2008 Chevy Equinox, but this information works pretty well across the board on a variety of makes and models.

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We have a rattling heat shield on our vehicle. So when the vehicle is cold an easy fix to this, because removing the heat shield could put things like our wires and some other sensors and rubber components in jeopardy, so we'll keep it on and to get rid of that noise, we'll take a hose clamp, this particular one is about three and a half inches, you may be able to use something a little smaller, but I'd rather have the extra room to work with. We'll use a flat blade screwdriver and loose it completely until it separates and then we'll spread it out a little but try to keep a nice, round shape to it because that'll make the next step easier.

Gonna lay it under and wrap it around the exhaust and that heat shield. We'll get it started back in their by hand and reach down with our flat blade screwdriver, crank it down tight until we've clamped that broken piece of heat shield back onto the exhaust manifold. Now that we've got it on there nice and tight our heat shield's not gonna rattle anymore. Some people like to do this with two or three of these hose clamps to be extra sure, however, as long as you use one good, high quality one, one good type hose clamp should last a good long time.

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