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How to Diagnose a Wheel Hub or Bearing TRQ Hubs

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Created on: 2017-08-08

How to diagnose a loose, wobbly, broken, worn, or damaged wheel hub or bearing.

  1. step 1 :Inspecting the Wheel Bearing
    • Raise and secure the vehicle on jack stands
    • Grab and tire at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and nudge it back and forth
    • See if the axle moves independent of the wheel knuckle
    • Or if the rotor moves with the wheel
    • Remove the wheel and see if there is play in between the rotor and wheel hub

If you've ever been driving down the road and heard groaning while you're turning to the left or turning to the right, it may be a bad wheel bearing. And if you continue driving like that, you'll actually wear out the tire unevenly, which is exactly what this F-150 has, some really uneven tire wear. So tonight, I'm going to show you how to diagnose a bad wheel bearing.

First we're going to jack it up. With the vehicle up in the air, you can grab it at 12 o'clock and six o'clock and you just want to go like this. You can see how much play this wheel bearing has, and the rotor is moving with the wheel. That means it's definitely the wheel bearing itself. The other thing you can do, is if you look in here at the axle, you can see the axle move up and down independently of the knuckle, and that is just a really obviously bad wheel bearing right there.

This is what a wheel bearing and hub look like. Normally you have your bearing on the back side and then you have the hub on the front with the lugs sticking through it. On this F-150, you can see that if you go like this, you can actually see how much play is in the bearing on the back side of this rotor. So right here on the back, basically this rotor is moving independently of the bearing that's inside this, and that is what's causing all of the tire wear on the tire, and all of the groaning when you're going around the corners.

So now that you know how to diagnose a bad wheel bearing, you can find great TRQ brand wheel bearings at 1aauto.com.

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