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How to Diagnose a Bad CV Axle

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Created on: 2015-02-09

Check out this video and learn a simple and easy way to test for a failing CV axle. Our trusted experts will show you how

  1. step 1 :Checking your CV Joints
    • Check to see if any of the boots covering the joint are ripped or torn
    • Test drive the vehicle slowly in full turns
    • When test driving, if the joints create a clicking sound, they are starting to wear
    • If there is feedback in the steering as well, the joints are bad

Your CV and axle joint are here. Your CV joint is actually right underneath this boot and the axle comes out here. The CV allows the wheel to be able to turn and go up and down, so it's a joint. So, if you think about it, when you're vehicle is just riding on the highway, all the suspension is pretty much straight. Your axle is kind of turning almost directly your wheel, but once you turn your wheel, the CV has to work harder, and you can see in this joint, or this boot, is ripped and torn, so that's something you want to look for.

You also want to look for any other nicks or scrapes or tears in this boot. Your CV joints will tell you when they're going bad. Basically, you want to be in your vehicle, have your windows down, and you want to drive slowly in full turn circles, so turn your wheel all the way to the lock and drive slowly and full turns, and you should start hearing a clicking sound if your CV joints are bad. You can do it both ways. A little bit of clicking noise indicates they're starting to wear, they're really bad and definitely need a replacement if the clicking noise is accompanied by feedback in your steering wheel as well.

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