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How to Defog Your Windows Quick and Easy

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Created on: 2019-04-11

We give you a few tips to understand your heating and cooling settings and use this knowledge to defog the windows in you car quick and easy.

  1. step 1 :Defogging the Windows
    • Start the vehicle
    • Turn on the high heat
    • Turn the to the max fan setting
    • Select defrost
    • If the vehicle does not switch from recirculate to outside air, select the outside air button
    • Turn on the A/C

What's up, guys? I'm Andy from 1A Auto. In this video, I'm going to talk about the best way to anti-fog your vehicle when you're starting your vehicle in the morning and there's fog up. I'll show you some tips. If you need any parts for your vehicle, click the link in the description and head over to 1aauto.com.

Alright. So, when your window is foggy like this, it's kind of hard to see out. Some of the settings you want to set the vehicle to—you want to start the vehicle. We're going to turn it on high heat. We're going to turn the blower on max, and we're going to set it to defrost. Normally you'll have the air coming in from outside, so if your vehicle doesn't automatically go from recirculate to outside air, you're going to want to push that. And then, this vehicle—while the vehicle's on defrost, it actually had the AC kicking on and off. If your vehicle doesn't do that, you're going to want to turn the AC on. What the AC is going to do—that's going to help defrost the window faster because there's moisture on the inside of the window. After the interior of the car warms up and dries out, the fog should disappear and you should be good to go.

Oh. Hey, guys. I didn't see you there. Just trying to defog my windshield. Just getting a tray and making a little fire. We'll put this in the car. I'm just kidding—don't do that!

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