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How to Check you Engine Fluids 14-19 Audi SQ5

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  1. step : Checking the Washer Fluid (0:16)
    • Pull the hood release inside the cabin
    • Open the hood
    • Pop off the washer fluid cap
    • Add washer fluid as needed
    • Close the washer fluid cap
  2. step : Checking the Brake Fluid (0:49)
    • Remove the brake fluid reservoir cap
    • Add brake fluid to between the minimum and maximum lines
    • Close the brake fluid reservoir cap
  3. step : Checking the Coolant (1:16)
    • Wait until the engine is cold to check the coolant
    • Twist off the coolant reservoir cap
    • Add coolant up to the maximum line
    • Twist on the coolant reservoir cap
  4. step : Checking the Oil (2:49)
    • Park on level ground
    • Bring the engine up to operating temperature
    • Stop the engine
    • Turn the ignition on
    • Go to "Car" on the info screen
    • Go to "Oil level"
    • View the oil gauge on the info screen
    • Twist off the oil fill cap
    • Add oil as needed
    • Twist on the oil fill cap
    • Check the oil level on the info screen

Hi. I'm Mike from 1AAuto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

Open the hood. I’ll slide in front of you. Go underneath, pull this release right here, and that'll pop the hood. The secondary safety release is right here, just reach in with your hand, squeeze it up and then lift the hood up. It's on struts, there's no prop rod.

Washer fluid is located here. Open the cap and fill it up as needed.

The brake fluid reservoir is located up here on the fire wall. Remove the cap and add to it as needed. See just through the grate here, you can check the level, there's a minimum and maximum line, you can also check the color of it to make sure it's nice and clean and clear. This stuff looks pretty good and topped off.

This is the coolant reservoir where you'd fill the coolant. You can do this when the vehicle is cold. It's been running so it's a little bit warm, I don't want to remove this cap because it's under pressure. It is at the minimum level, I'm going to let the vehicle cool down and then I'll add some coolant and bring it up to the maximum level.

I've let the engine cool, so now I'm going to top off this coolant. Open the bottle, unscrews. I'm going to funnel in the appropriate coolant for it. Fill it to the maximum level. Perfect. Remove our funnel and reinstall the cap.

On this side of the engine compartment is the air filter box. There's no power steering fluid to check because this vehicle uses electric power steering. There is no dip stick for the automatic transmission. That does need to be checked with a vehicle specific scan tool at your local dealership.

Our 2015 SQ5 does not have an oil dipstick to check the oil. Get the vehicle parked on level ground. The engine was just at operating temperature. We parked it and let it sit for a few minutes. I'm going to press and turn the ignition on just once. I’m not going to start the vehicle.

To check the oil level we need to use the MMI screen. So we're going to navigate using the joystick to the car and then we're going to go into the menu here that says "Oil level", and actually the oil level's at minimum. So this vehicle needs to have oil added. When it's at minimum, it takes about a quart to bring it to maximum. So we'd add the correct amount of oil and then come back in the car and recheck it and see if it's full.

If you need to add oil, this is your oil fill cap, just unscrew it. Add the correct amount, be careful not to overfill it, and reinstall the cap.

Thanks for watching. Visit us at for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry.

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