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How to Check and Fill Under Hood Fluids 06-11 Toyota Camry

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  1. step : Opening the Hood (0:21)
    • Pull the hood lever inside the cabin
    • Release the safety latch at the front of the hood
    • Raise the hood
  2. step : Checking the Brake Fluid (0:42)
    • Locate the brake fluid reservoir at the back of the engine bay on the driver side
    • Check that the brake fluid is clean and clear
    • Check that the brake fluid is at the max fill level
  3. step : Checking the Power Steering Fluid (0:50)
    • Locate the steering fluid reservoir at the back of the engine bay on the passenger side
    • Check the fluid level
    • Twist the reservoir cap counterclockwise off
    • Add fluid until it reaches the cold maximum line
    • Twist the cap clockwise on
  4. step : Checking the Coolant (1:34)
    • Locate the coolant reservoir in front of the power steering reservoir
    • Check the coolant level
    • Twist off the radiator cap only if the engine is cool
    • The fluid should be up to the neck of the radiator
    • Add coolant as needed
    • Twist on the radiator cap
  5. step : Checking the Washer Fluid (2:11)
    • Locate the washer fluid reservoir behind the passenger headlight
    • Pop off the washer fluid cap
    • Fill the reservoir with washer fluid
    • Pop on the washer fluid cap
  6. step : Checking the Oil (2:32)
    • Locate the oil dipstick at the front of the engine
    • Pull out the oil dipstick
    • Wipe off the oil dipstick
    • Insert the oil dipstick into its tube
    • Pull out the oil dipstick
    • Check that the oil is between the low and high marks
    • Check that the oil looks clean
    • Twist off the oil cap
    • Add oil as needed
    • Twist on the oil cap
    • Wipe off any spilled oil
  7. step : Checking the Transmission Fluid (3:27)
    • Run the engine
    • Locate the transmission fluid dipstick next to the battery
    • Unclip the dipstick
    • Pull out the dipstick
    • Wipe off the dipstick
    • Insert the dipstick into its tube
    • Pull out the dipstick
    • Check that the fluid level is between the two notches on the cold mark
    • Add transmission fluid to the dipstick tube with a funnel
    • Push the dipstick into the tube
    • Clip on the dipstick

Hi. I'm Mike from 1AAuto. We've been selling auto parts for over 30 years!

Open the hood. Pull the release under the dashboard on the left side. Squeeze the safety release. The hood has its own struts to hold it up, there's no prop rod.

This is the brake fluid reservoir. See the fluid's nice and clean and clear. It's right at the max fill level. That's where it should be at all times.

This is the power steering fluid reservoir. There's actually two sets of minimum and max lines on here. There's a "Cold Minimum" and a "Cold Maximum", and then a "Hot Minimum" and a "Hot Maximum". So right now the car is cold and it's sitting just above cold minimum so we're going to add some fluid to it to bring it up to cold maximum. Open it by turning it counterclockwise. Add the recommended fluid type. Reinstall the cap, turn it clockwise to lock it.

This is the coolant overflow reservoir. You can see the "Low" mark is down here, the "High" mark here, so "F" for full; it's right about here. You could also check the coolant level when the car is cool. You can open this cap by turning it counterclockwise. This is on the top of the radiator. This car has plenty of coolant. Coolant should be right to the top of the neck on the radiator. I’m going to reinstall this. Turn it clockwise to lock it.

We could add washer fluid. It goes into this tank here, and it's sort of translucent so this one looks like it's a little bit low. You can add fluid up and you'll see the blue washer fluid as it fills up because it's clear.

Check the engine oil. You have to pull your engine oil dipstick here. Replace it. Your oil level should be between the "Low" mark here and the "High" mark here. This is right at the "High" mark, and it looks pretty clean so that's perfect. If you need to add oil, remove the oil cap here; unscrew it. It actually tells you the weight you can use, 5/20, 0W20. Just unscrew this from the valve cover. When you're finished adding oil, replace the cap. Just tighten it and then wipe up any oil you may have spilled.

For the automatic transmission fluid, the dipstick is right here. It's got a lock on it so it doesn't come out. If you push the lock over, pull the dipstick out. You want to do this when the car is running so the fluid is moving through the pump, but you do the same thing. Wipe it off, reinstall it, pull it back out. So, depending on how long the car has been running, if you just started the car and you want to check the automatic transmission fluid level, it will be at "Cold" and the first notch is "Cold Low" and the second notch is "Cold High". If you've just driven the car down the highway and it's still running and you want to check the transmission fluid level, it should be here at the "Hot Low" or the "Hot High". And between these two is usually about a quart of transmission fluid. So depending on, again, if the vehicle has been running, it will be hot, or if you've just started it, it will be cold over here. So you should always check this with the engine running. I’ve just got to push it down in there. Make sure it locks so it doesn't come back out. If you needed to fill this with transmission fluid, you'd have the dipstick out and you'd put a nice funnel into here, and you'd add your transmission fluid right through the dipstick tube.

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Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Funnel

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Paper Towels
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Cloth Rags
  • Engine Oil

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