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How to Check and Fill Engine Oil 14-19 Chevy Silverado

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  1. step : Checking and Filling the Engine Oil (0:07)
    • The yellow handled oil dipstick is on the driver side of the engine
    • Remove and clean oil dipstick
    • Heat engine to operating temperature
    • Replace and remove dipstick to view oil level
    • Remove the oil fill cap located near the oil dipstick
    • Fill with dexos 0W-20 oil as needed
    • Replace oil fill cap

Hey, everyone. How you doing? Mike from 1A Auto. 2015 Chevy Silverado, same as a GMC Sierra, this vintage. Show you how to check the oil.

The oil check is on the driver's side, yellow loop. Just put your finger in. Pull it straight up and out. All right, you want to wipe it off the first time and kind of get yourself familiar with what the dipstick looks like. At the end, it has a little cross-hatch pattern and two dots on it. Your oil level, you want it between those two dots, and generally, you want to do this after the vehicle has been running. Shut it off. Let it sit for about a minute or so and then check the oil down in.

Okay, and you can see we're right at the top, right at that second mark, which is great. When you're checking it, look at the condition of your oil. And you can see, actually, that this oil is really dirty, really brown, really in need of an oil change.

You reinsert the dipstick and if you need to add oil, the oil fill is right here. Turn counter-clockwise. Pull it up and out. It specifies Dexos 0W20 oil, and so you get the proper oil, and they actually make it pretty easy to get down in and add oil if you need to. Make sure after you add any oil, put the cap back on and recheck your oil to make sure you're at the right level.

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