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How to Change Your Tire 01-05 Honda Civic

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How to Change Your Tire 01-05 Honda Civic

Created on: 2016-06-03

How to remove your tire with your vehicle's standard jack and tire iron on 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Honda Civic

  1. step 1 :Removing the Tire
    • Place the car in park
    • Make sure the vehicle is on flat, solid ground
    • Make sure the hazard lights are one
    • Set the parking brake
    • Use a large object to support the wheel
    • Chalk any wheel, we recommend the opposite side on the same axle
    • Pull out the trunk carpet
    • Unscrew the trunk liner hold down
    • Remove the trunk liner
    • Remove the tire iron and jack handle from the trunk liner
    • Unscrew the spare tire
    • Remove the passenger side cover
    • Release the jack from its container
    • Break the 19mm lug nuts loose with the tire iron
    • Use a block of wood to support the jack on a hard surface
    • Twist the jack and raise it into the pinch weld
    • Crank the vehicle up with the jack handle
    • Remove the lug nuts the rest of the way
    • Remove the tire
    • Place the tire under the weld
  2. step 2 :Installing the Spare Tire
    • Insert the spare tire into place
    • Tighten lug nuts by hand
    • Lower the jack so the tire touches the ground
    • Tighten the lug nuts the rest of the way in a cross pattern
    • Lower the jack the rest of the way
    • Press the hub cap into place
    • Insert the jack back into place
    • Place the cover over the jack
    • Push the old tire into the trunk
    • Screw the tire on with the hold down
    • Press the tools into the trunk liner
    • Insert the trunk liner into place
    • Replace the trunk carpet

Tools needed for replacement

  • General Tools

    Jack Stands

    Tire Iron

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

    Block of Wood

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Hi, I'm Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks.

In this video, we're going to show you how to do a roadside tire change using the jack and tools that come with his Honda Civic.

Remove the carpet and lower cover from your trunk. Remove your scissor jack, crank, and tire iron from the trunk of the car as well as the spare tire.

We recommend you carry a wheel chock or a block of wood in your vehicle so you can chock the tire on the opposite side of the vehicle you're changing your changing your flat on. Chock your wheel at the front if the nose of the vehicle is facing downhill, in the back if the rear of the vehicle is facing downhill. We also recommend that you carry is a block of wood so that if you're on a surface it isn't hard like dirt or grass you can use it as a pad for your jack.

Crack all four lugnuts loose before jacking the vehicle up. Don't spin them off at all, just get them loose. Get your vehicle hard flat surface. Make sure your vehicle is in park and the E-brake is on. You're going to put your scissor jack on to the pinch point. You can start it by hand.

This is your jack point here on the pinch weld. Make sure that it's not rusty or damaged in any way. Once you get the screw jack on, you'll install the hook. Use the drive and your tire iron into the hook on your scissor jack. Spin it clockwise to raise the vehicle. Make sure you don't put your arms, legs, hands, etc., underneath the vehicle for any reason. Remove the rest of your lugnuts. Remove your tire.

Something we're going to do, just as an added safety while this tire is off, we're going to place it under the car next to our jack so if the jack fails for any reason the car doesn't fall on you. Inspect your spare tire for any damage to the sidewalls. Make sure it's got nice tread on it.

Buy a used car and you never know somebody could have used this, run it flat and thrown it back in the car at which point it would be unsafe to use. Make sure it's nice and firm, that you have air in there, no punctures. The spare tire should be inflated to 60 PSI.

Go ahead and reinstall it on the car. Reinstall your lug nuts. Get all the lugs started, tighten up as much as you can without turning the tire. Even with the parking brake, with the vehicle in park, you can still spin these sometimes. Get them as tight as you can on the vehicle. Remove your other tire from beneath the vehicle.

Again, stay clear, hands and feet, and lower your screw jack. Make sure, as you put the weight down on the vehicle, your spare tire stays looking good. It might be a little low and you can't see it until the weight of the vehicle is on there. Before you let the vehicle all the way down, give your lug nuts another check.

If you have a torque wrench handy, you can torque the wheels but in most cases get them as tight as you can with your tire iron.

Finish putting the vehicle on the ground and remove your screw jack. Once you clear the vehicle it's a lot faster to just do this by hand. Put your tools back in the trunk.

Most vehicles with a compact spare won't fit the full sized tire under the carpet. Reinstall the trunk liner. Our compact spare tire is on and we're ready to go. This is a temporary spare. These are not designed for us, in most cases, over 30 miles or 30 an hour. Make sure that you check your vehicle's specific label to see the top rated speed and distance that the spare tire is safe for.

Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video helped you out. Next time you need parts for your car, please visit Also check out our other helpful how-to and diagnosis videos.

Tools needed for replacement:

    General Tools

  • Jack Stands
  • Tire Iron

  • Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

  • Block of Wood

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