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How Not to Clear Snow Off Your Vehicle shorts

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Created on: 2020-12-22

Andy shows you a whole bunch of ways to ruin the paint and glass on your car or truck by clearing snow the wrong way. Don't try this at home!

This is the wrong way to clear off your car. Don't use a shovel. Most shovels have a metal blade, and that's gonna scratch your paint. Don't use a broom. There's gonna be dirt and debris in these bristles. And these bristles are stiffer than a regulated snow brush. So you're gonna scratch your paint. Using your gloves. It's not a good idea. Pay attention to your clothes when you're rubbing up against the car. Your zippers are gonna get close. You don't want to scratch your car that way. Don't just take a brush and bash the snow. It's not gonna help. You're gonna end up denting your car. Don't take hot water, and just pour it on. Don't just clear a section where you can see out of the car, and leave the rest of the snow. It's illegal, and it's unsafe for you, and other drivers. Don't use a key, or a screwdriver, or a hammer to try to get that ice off. You're just gonna scratch everything up. Don't do any of those. Take your time. Do it the right way.

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