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Handy Packer Bearing Greaser

Created on: 2019-09-20

Check out this handy packer bearing greaser. It presses grease into all sorts of non-sealed bearings. Get yours now here at 1AAuto.com

Hey friends, it's Len at 1A Auto. Today I want to show you something super cool. We have ourselves a handy bearing packer. This is great because if you've ever had bearings like this, you know how much fun it is to try to pack these bearings. You put grease on your gloved hand, you sit there and you do this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and you go for days. All you did is get grease all over yourself. Maybe you got some of it in there, maybe you didn't. You know, eh, it's not really the most effective way.

1A Auto decided that we wanted to sell you this tool right here; super handy. This right here is just a cover and you put it on and that just keeps all the crud out of there, after you got grease.

The way that you use this tool, lift it up, put a whole bunch of grease right in there, okay? Put it in as much as you want. Probably be good to have it probably, you know, maybe up to about there with grease. We'll assume that there's grease in there now. You can see that there's holes along here. You would take your bearing, put it so it's face down like this. So it's kind of coned in, but the cone's facing down, not up, just like that. You've got your little press driver tool here. You just rest this right on top, just like that.

As you press down, the driver's going to seal along the bearing right here. As this pushes down, it's going to push grease through those holes. Okay? It'll fill up this area right along here. Once the grease gets stuck up against here, it can't go any further. It's going to start pushing out along that inner and outer area along all those bearings.

Once you see the grease starting to come out through there, you can stop. At that point, what you would do is you just take this up, grab your nice grease bearing, install it into your rotor or vehicle, whatever it is you're doing. I assume it would be into a brake rotor, but that's just me because I work on cars and that's what this bearing's for. So you take that, put it into your rotor. Once you're done with your handy unit here, just put that on there like that. Close it up. Keeps out all the dirt and debris. Easy peasy. No need for having a big old glob of grease all over you and potentially getting in your beard or in your eye or anything like that.

This is nice. It's handy and it's super easy to use. Thank you, 1A Auto. With that said, I believe that this is a great tool to have. I want one. I'm sure you want one. If you do, 1AAuto.com. Come and get it.

Thanks for watching. Visit 1AAuto.com, your place for DIY auto repairs, for great parts, great service, and more content.

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Handy Packer Bearing Greaser

Handy Packer Bearing Greaser

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  • Quickly flushes out old grease and repacks cone style bearings with less mess

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